Switching one Outdoor camera to extender SSID not working


I got an extender and trying to connect one of the the 2 camera to it, but I cannot get the camera to use the extender SSID. I tried giving the extender SSID the same name but the camera doesn’t switch over to the extender. So I gave it a different SSID but after going through the setup for a new camera, it still does not use the new SSID. When I performed the setup I did make sure my phone which has the Wyze app was connected to the new SSID and still not working. When I do the setup again it doesn’t ask for the wifi network (is that normal?). Help please as this is getting very frustrating.

Did you set up your extender to connect to the Wyze Base station network ?. I do not have an extender but looking at my networks I have a 5.0 g,z a 2.4 gz and a Wyze network.Take a look at your networks.

I’ve never heard of extending the proprietary Wyze base station network. Don’t think it’s possible. The typical practice with the Wyze Cam Outdoor is to extend your regular router network WiFi and plug the base station’s wired Ethernet into that extender…

That is the key, the cams connect to the base station network wi-fi,no matter how you can do it.

I connected the extender to my home SSID. Are you saying the extender needs to connect to the waze* network? Do we even have the password? I can’t remember if we set that up during setup or it it was automatically created.

This is what I did. But no luck in getting the camera to connect to the extender SSID.

Are you saying when I setup the extender, I should be extending the waze* network and not the general home network? So we have the password to the waze* network? If I created that during setup I definitely don’t remember the password. But if I have to redo the base station setup I will.

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The Wyze base station connects to your home wifi network, be it via your main router or an extender. The Cam itself only connects to the Base stations generated Wifi. There is no password required for it-it only connects to the WOC.
The way to extend the distance from your router to the cam is via using an extender on your wifi and connecting the base to the extender.


The camera will never connect to anything but the base’s own SSID.

The cams connect to the base station wi-fi network. I plugged my base station into my home cable modem/router. It asked for the password so it could join the home network, the password for the home cable modem… As I said I do not have a extender if I got one I would set it up and move the base station more toward the center of the house if that was what was needed. My house is 50 feet X 40 feet + and I have 3 wi-if bars on 3 of my 4 cams. The other one has 2 bars because that signal is going through 3 walls one of which has the electrical breaker panel.and still works great.

I see. So there is really no way to extend the range from the base station and the cameras; the extender can only allow you to move the base station to another location other than your router. Thank you for the response.

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Got it! Thank you! I mis-understood that it could. Thank you for your responses.

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Got it. I now understand that the cameras can only connect to the base station network and extenders cannot extend that range but only help place the base station in a more central location. Thank you for you responses!

Report back if you get your issue fixed, I am sure others would like to do the same thing if required.