Can Wyze Cam Outdoor be connected directly to a wifi extender vs. router?

I thought I read pre-launch the answer was yes, but can’t find where. Additionally, my base station’s blue light just keeps blinking so maybe the answer is no.

Thanks in advance!

I have one of my hubs connected to a different node of my mesh system, but I did think I saw someone who used an extender.

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I have my base plugged into one of my mesh WiFi Points just like @WyzeJasonJ does.

An extender supposed to work as well.

If your WiFi extender has an Ethernet port, then yes you can use that to connect to the Base Station. As long as you have that Ethernet port, you’ll be able to use the Base Station.

Support Article

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Welp, it worked immediately via router. If it is supposed to work with an extender, it doesn’t play nice with mine. I’ll be curious if anyone else gets it to work. Thanks for the feedback!

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Does your extender user the same SSID and password as your router?

@Ken.S used an extender on his.

Same SSID other than adding 2Gext to the end of it so I know which one I’m connecting to. Is that the issue?

I honestly don’t know if that would cause it or not.

That extender I’m using from tp-link has a different ssid, but I also have a 2nd base station connected to a xfi pod (mesh) that uses the same ssid.

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Thanks, Ken. My extender is netgear which could also make a difference.

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I’m using an extender because it gives the best range for where I’m putting my cameras.

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