What's the easiest way to reconnect to WiFi when cameras are mounted high?

I have several indoor Wyze cams mounted in outdoor housings install up high just under the eves of my roof.

I had to reset the router in my house several times and use different SSID and passwords. But, it’s a real pain in the butt to reconnect all the outdoor Wyze Cams.

Is there an easier way to reconnect them?

This is a reason why I would love POE and ethernet support.

To my understanding, no. You might consider trying to return to your original SSID and key.

No such options as of yet that I recall seeing… But would be nice to have that option… Who knows, it may be possible for Wyze to bake that into a future firmware update…

There have been some proposals in the forum about doing it via long distance QRC codes being held up for the camera.

I’d search them up but it’s extremely unlikely that will ever be implemented for the current cameras.

Sad to say but, the easiest way is a ladder. :slightly_smiling_face: