Received Shipping Notice But Order Still Not Shipped

I’ve seen several other posts regarding orders from Wyze and shipping issues. Once again, I placed an order and received notification on 4/10 that the items have shipped. However, when I track the order it says “Ready to go” and that it should be delivered today. I’ve got to say that Wyze shipping and notification systems are a complete shambles.


Did you receive a tracking number? I have found using the shipping service’s website with the tracking number works better sometimes.

Hi… sorry to intrude on this post but I was hoping someone could instruct me in what direction I should go concerning my latest problem!! I discovered that I can reply in a post which gets posted but the two ‘new topic’ posts that I started hours earlier today are no where to be found. When i looked inside my account to see if my posts actually existed, I found one of them of which I could get to from my account. however, neither of the original posts seem to be in the public arena for viewing … tried ‘support’ but no help. thx and again, sorry to intrude on this discussion with a different topic.

Hello @b4ornot, I can see you made two new topics today which are both available to be seen, are these the two you are referring to?

Hi Jason… yes those are the topics. However, I don’t see them in the forums anywhere. why would that happen

Tracking number exists for USPS but it isn’t active.

I am not sure why you are not seeing them but they are definitely there, that is how I found them

Just a request…can you move your discussion elsewhere? Not relevant here.

I would give it a few more days (unless you’ve waited a long time already) then contact support.
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online:
phone support is typically faster however this isn’t always true due to fluctuation in the amount of calls.

Tracking number for order is USPS. Today’s delivery email says FedEX and arriving tomorrow. Wyze has a VERY poor shipping system.

This never happened with previous orders but now has happened with the last three orders. Extremely frustrating. First instance had to wait 2 extra weeks before marked as lost and had to wait again for replacement. Second instance same thing. Was proactive in contacting support who gave a canned response with info I already knew. Finally found out later I was no longer receiving “Updates from Jimmy” which explained the delay at the warehouse for the reason with “Ready to Go” sitting there for over a week. Support could have let me know that with the first response. Now again with latest order. Support is hit and miss. Sometimes great and sometimes extremely poor. Would rather see, “Item Shipped” when it has actually shipped!! More consistency with Wyze support as well.

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My god, this! Using tracking doesn’t mean anything if you don’t send the package out when you mark it as “shipped” (really just printing a label and grouping a bunch of orders together and then shipping them out at the same time using the cheapest shipping method available) so the the system doesn’t always appear to be incorrect. If you’re going to do that, just give people the regualr tracking numbers instead and stop directing people to the narvar site.

Edit: Another day and still waiting. This is the LAST time I order directly from Wyze… I would have had my order from Amazon in two days and not the FIVE (so far) that I’ve been waiting for the order to even get handed over to USPS from Wyze!!!

So here we go again…email order shipped, fedex order shipped but now multiple days later no movement or updates. Wyze website shows “Ready to go…” How do you get accurate shipping data? Wyze support just referred me to the FexEx tracking number which tells me nothing.

I gave up. I just wait and the item shows up eventually. Even with the tracking still sitting stale with no updates. Apparently Wyze either does not understand the frustration or care for that matter.

If only we could purchase an item and have it say purchase sent but not have the money go through for a week!

Good luck

Has everyone with issues contacted support with the information above? I would suggest calling. If the line is busy, try again at a different time. Please let the support employee know of any previous ticket(s) and your tracking number.

Absolutely contacted support as well as others have based on the stories in your forum. Last time I just got the lazy reply of, “Wait a week and then let us know.” After a week still sitting there as usual.

Like I said at this point I have given up on tracking with Wyze. It used to be great but at some point something changed and it went to s**t. I just wait for my item to show which it usually does. Only once did it truly get lost and had to be replaced.

Thanks though.