Does V3 Cam record sound

Does the V3 cam record sounds? I have the app set to record when it senses both motion and sound. During playback of the sound detections, I don’t hear anything. I just see what ever was in view at the time the camera sensed the sound.

The v3 can record sound, to do this go into Settings (gear in upper right of live view) - Advanced Settings - and turn on Record Sound. Then when you are playing back an Event make sure the sound indicator is on and if it isn’t tap it so the sound is not muted


Thx… I think I tried that when i first got the cam /set up… then concluded that record sound must just mean that a visual record is made upon the cam detecting sound, as opposed to actually having sound recorded…did i say that correctly? Anyway, I will try it again just in case I missed something and didn’t realize it.

The sound events will record video along with the sound, it just means the camera is recording because it heard a sound if that makes sense


LOL, yes what you wrote makes sense… I think it was well said…

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