Wyze V3 sound event does not play back

I have two V3 cameras located in adjacent rooms. Both will indicate a sound event(thunder) but one will not play back the sound. Sound settings for both cameras are identical. Suggestions?

Welcome to the Community @tkennaugh . I am a community member as well and try to assist where I can.

I see you say the sound settings are the same, but not sure what area you are indicating. With that said, there are 2 area’s you need to make sure are set. One is for the recording and one will allow you to hear what was recorded.

To record sound, make sure you turn on the setting in the advanced area of the settings area for the device.

The other location is in the Event you are playing back, make sure you turn on the speaker:

Are these the settings you were talking about?

Thanks for your reply. I found that the advanced setting to record sound was not turned on for that camera. I was only looking at the event speaker setting and the event sound trigger and sensitivity settings of both cameras.

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