Inconsistent event recording and playback content

I have two V2 Wyze cameras in my garage, one pointing out a window and one pointing to the door; both cameras have the same sound & motion sensitivity settings and are within 15’ of each other and both have a microSD card installed. When looking at my notifications this morning, I had a loud sound notification on one, but not the other. In addition, when I went to the “view playback” section of the camera with the notification, there was no sound recorded. I went to a minute or two before and after the notification time stamp and could not hear the sound.
Is there some setting I’m overlooking? Note that I am using BlueStacks on a PC to review this content on the cameras, and I am aware that this is not officially supported by Wyze.

There is a switch in settings to turn on/off the recording of all sound. You should check that first.

If that switch wasn’t off, then (using the Wyze app on a phone), go the camera’s live stream, turn sound on, and make a bunch of sound at the camera.

It’s possible you have a camera with a bad microphone. If that’s the case, you’ll need to get it exchanged by starting a support request by clicking the Support link, top right on this page.

Thanks Loki, both sound & motion sensitivity settings on both cameras were the same and the microphones were on.
I did your test as instructed, and at that point noticed that, on my iOS device in the WYZE app, the speaker was off. When I turned the speaker on, and went to events, I could hear the noise I made from both cameras. Returning to the PC and BlueStacks, I went back to view playback and replayed the time segment that had the event notification and this time turned the speaker on, and of course, there was the audio.
Both cameras are fine, it was just an oversight on my part that one of the cameras had the speaker off in the software.
Problem resolved. Still don’t know what was going on in or around my garage at 3:04AM this morning though, sound only, no video content to be seen on either camera.

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