Do the V3s not record our voices when talking into the phone app mic?

When I speak into the mic from my phone app and watch the video later, my voice isn’t there. I know voices come out of the cam speakers because I talk on it and I can hear family members talk to me when they see me.

I noticed in the Ring porch cam videos you can hear the owner talking to the person in front of the camera. I assumed it would be the same with the Wyze cams. Am I wrong?

I believe they electronically cancel out your voice from the recording, maybe to quell possible feedback issues if you are close because you have sound on?


Makes sense, if you want this to be diffrent, create a post in the #wishlist

Ok, so it’s not my camera then?

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Are you talking though the cam in this video?

Another Chicken Video, Dotty vacates the premises

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No. I did talk to her a few min earlier through the cam but she wouldn’t leave so I walked out there and talked to her through the screened window behind the wall where the cam is attached.

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I just tested this on Cam v2, Cam v3 and Cam Pan v2. Cam v2 has no issues recording voice through the 2-way “Speak” function. When playing back video from Cam v3 and Cam Pan v2, you can hear the attempts, but they are completely garbled/unintelligible. Given those results, this appears to be more of a bug than a missing feature.


Thanks for testing yours. With mine, all I get are clicking sounds when played back.

Are you testing with a v3?

Yes, all mine are V3’s.

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I hear the same results as you with my v3 cams and also Pan Cam v2… just clicking, static and occasional garbled sound. :confused:

I’ve been able to clearly hear the recorded 2-way “Speak” audio only on Cam v2.

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I gave my V2 to my daughter up the road. I was going to test her and ask her to check the viewback since I can’t, but I couldn’t get her to answer, so instead I hit “record” and did the test. I could hear my voice but it was really loud. I forgot that with the V2’s you have to hold down the mic while speaking, and with the V3 you just tap it and let go, then tap again to stop.


I did the same thing. :grin:

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I’m not sure this is a bug; I think they specifically wrote a routine to remove the transmitted audio from the recording. However, a Wishlist item works. I voted for it. :slight_smile:

I just tested it on a V3, and I could hear myself on the camera from another room. However on the recording there was the slight distortion where what I transmitted to the camera was electronically removed from the recording. Then I walked back to the camera and said “Did you hear me?”

I only heard the part where I came back into the room. So they currently remove what you transmit in firmware, for whatever reason.


Thanks. Maybe the mic is too close to the speaker or something. When I tested my daughter’s V2, it was extremely loud and had a lot of squelch.