Wyze v3--Live View NO SOUND in app, and pretty inaudible when you Speak through app to camera

Have 3 new v3 Wyze cam (powered of course) and none of them will play any sound in live view. Just static. If I click on “speak” quickly I will hear a live sound for about 1/2 a second. This happens on all 3 cameras. New USB cords, different wifi SSID, tried at neighbors house on a diff internet carrier, new USB adapters, app on Android and iPad–same behavior on all 3 cameras. Toggled all parameters I could find including Record sound FWIW (it is in live view though) and still same thing–no sound in Live View.
Firmware all up to date.
BUT–if I press Record in Live View OR there is a motion/AI event logged then the sound is indeed there.
Also noticed like others that if I speak in Live View, not heard very well but I think this is a known deficiency. Perhaps someone could chime in…

Thank you,

sorry if I am repeating something that might have 20,50 100 threads on same subject. I think I saw something on this for v2 cameras as well.

Audio has been an issue for some time now, some of my Android devices are fine and other ones have this issue too. This has been an issue for me for many years, it started with the Pan-Cam and then V2’s and V3’s.
Seems to depend on the Android device for me, and the connection quality (WiFi) and Android connection will affect the spoken audio too.

Thank you. Wyze certainly is aware and do need to correct this since so many people have this sound problem. I did do like wyze said and switched recording off in app and looked at live view and I could hear sound. But of course it wouldn’t record sound if I was recording. I then clicked recording sound on and exited app and came back in… and of course still no sound, just static like others reported.
Still an issue on my three cameras. Very unfortunate and poor design/testing but as long as they record sounds in events that’s the important thing. As for using them as an intercom type of device it is non functional or audible, I don’t intend to use it that way. But of course all advertised features should work. Thanks