Buyers regret or?

So, I have a few friends that use a couple cameras apiece, and really like the quality, price and ease of use. All have bought “kits” from Costco I believe. I’m just beginning my upgrades to a smart home, and have paid attention to Wyze, so I jumped on the Wyze band wagon.

I bought a “Front Porch Security bundle,” it includes a lock, and a doorbell camera and chime, garage door controller, flood light, 2 power cords and a “security bundle” which has 4x V3 cameras and 4 SD cards (I did receive the cards). Total was almost $600.

In no time, I received an email, showing ALL my items had shipped and was given a Fed Ex tracking number.

A few days later, I received a package from Wyze, through USPS (not fedex), missing the doorbell and chime and the 4 cameras. I called customer service and was told the shipment with my remaining components was still on its way. The tracking number in my original “items shipped” email still showed not delivered. So, I waited and the doorbell came! Still no “security bundle.” I called back and now I’m being told that the bundle of cameras is “on back order.” ((Aren’t these cameras basically the bread and butter item?))

I’m first confused why I received a misleading email stating everything was shipped on one tracking number. Yet part of the shipment came USPS and I wasn’t made aware or given tracking for that.

Second, why there were no packing slips with any shipments. To confirm what I was getting or if anything was back ordered.

Fourth, why wasn’t I told anything was on back order during purchasing, before shipping, after shipping, or after my first call about my components not in the order?

And B, (lol) why after my last call, I was told to wait for an email communication regarding my back order now because a “specialists” will be handling my issue. But I can’t just talk to a specialist.

I ordered all of this, at this time because it lined up with my days off and ability to install. Now, I have a $169.99 (-SD cards) worth of product which on paper has already been SHIPPED to me, coming who knows when?!?

Hopefully I receive an email giving me a timeline on the cameras . An explanation on how it happened would be nice. I’m more hopeful that this doesn’t happen with my future purchases. And that at some point, I can call, during normal PST hours and talk to a “specialist” without being routed to the Philippines.

Note: Cleo in the Philippines was very nice, and as helpful as I’m sure she could be.

Ticket # 2828822
Order # US-3712537

I can understand the frustration with this. I’ll chime in a few things as I can at the moment, and will then ask a couple of questions.

FedEx and USPS have a partnership called “FedEx Smartpost,” which I just read has just had a name change to “FedEx Ground Economy”…with this shipping method, FedEx will often deliver packages to a USPS office to deliver to the recipient. I hate FedEx Smart Post because FedEx often lies about the shipping and tracking and you can’t trust anything they say. They’ll say something was delivered on your porch when it wasn’t and then you think it was stolen or delivered to the wrong house, and suddenly days or weeks later USPS drops it off with an entirely different tracking number. Did I mention I hate FedEx Smart Post? Anyway, this is more of an issue with FedEx than anything. They are super dishonest about their tracking and shipping. I prefer it when Wyze uses basically any other shipping service.

I don’t know why there wasn’t a packing slip, BUT it is not necessarily uncommon for Wyze to split up orders. Sometimes part of the order will ship from one warehouse and another from another warehouse or get shipped slightly later. What is surprising to me is that since this was sold as a bundle deal, I would expect it to basically be an all in one bundle ready to go. This is surprising that it wasn’t already put together if they are marketing it that way. I guess the bundle deal was mostly for convenience and a discount for ordering all together.

I agree that they should’ve let you know if something wasn’t in stock (back ordered).

If you log in to the Wyze Website and go to your account and orders, does it show that the order was split up, and what kind of status does it give you for your order?


I understand the FedEx/USPS portion. I received an email with one tracking number from Wyze. That turned out to be the doorbell by itself. I never actually got a tracking number for the second shipment until I called and realized parts were missing.

As far as the bundle portion, just to be clear. My whole order wasn’t bundled. The “Security Bundle” as it’s marketed is only 4 cameras and 4 SD cards. The “front door security bundle.” Was incomplete as well.

I just put this in the forum as a feeler from other customers and maybe a beacon for an employee. And really, since it’s not written anywhere that I can see that the rest of my order is on back order.

Looking at the account portion of my account, it said it’s been fulfilled? So….

Thank you for your reply @carverofchoice


Thank you, I have escalated your situation and included your Support ticket number to ensure someone verifies what exactly is going on for you, particularly about the status of the rest of your order and if there is any tracking information which can be obtained.

We are in the weekend, so it might take until regular business days resume (though you never know, they might look into it over the weekend), but regardless, I have escalated it to make sure someone higher up at least verifies what’s going on. That’s as much as I can offer at this point since I don’t actually work for Wyze and am just a forum volunteer. :+1:

Let us know how things turn out for you.


OH YEAH, I agree with @carverofchoice reference Smartpost. EVERYTHING that I have ordered from Wyze, has come via Smartpost. I’ve purchased probably 10-12 times from Wyze in the past 5+ years. Smartpost is terrible. EVERY Wyze shipment to me, has taken not less than 30 days, and I have Smartpost to thank for that. Well, Smartpost and Wyze.

There’s two things at play here.

  1. Wyze isn’t shipping the products if it uses Smartpost. Its being supplied out of a FedEx drop shipment site. So, FedEx doesn’t need to use much gas to get it to a USPS site. And part of that delivery contract between FedEx and USPS allows USPS to move it Parcel Post. You can’t get slower than Parcel Post but for “Media rate for books and mags”.

  2. A couple of those shipments, I complained enough to FedEx to get the real USPS tracking number. And beating up on USPS, I learned (at least the couple of times, I pursued the tracking) the shipment was passed to obscure USPS sites for transit. And I think they sit at that site until there ‘big enough to bother with cart to move it forward". One time, I managed to track a shipment and learned it sat at my local post office 3 miles away for 3 weeks before it was delivered. And I have been vocal to Wyze about all this, and dismissed with "nuthin’ we can do about it, out of our control".

So, sir, we hear you. And we agree with you. And we are sorry this is happening. And several of us have been very vocal, and Wyze does nothing to fix it. I suspect their bean-counters just shrug their shoulders when it comes up at a staff meeting. Those of us affected are not loud or buying enough to put a dent in the problem.

After 3 weeks of being put off I had the most incredibly off putting call with Wyze customer service today. I’m starting here and will continue to make the world aware as much as I possibly can as to how Wyze is treating their customers. I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks for a replacement camera and was told via email that it was coming and to refer to my ticket #. After getting no response I called in today to be told by a representative that they cancelled my order and that I should watch the newsletter for the camera to become available and then I should reach back out to request a camera be sent to me. I’m curious how many others have experienced this type of response from the company and urge any and all people considering this company to run away as quickly as possible!! No resolution over the phone, put on hold twice for nothing other than to come back with no more information. The worst part is I was willing to put up with the sub par cameras and resolution due to the price but this complete lack of service and accountability could never be made up for in price. This is a company that has no plans of doing anything other than taking peoples money and leaving them high and dry!

Just wanted to post this for info. Just went on line last week and ordered the wyze lock and keypad they were advertising for $99.00. I was then informed that the price was $119.99. They credited me the $20 and all was good. Then was told the key pad wasn’t included. Went through multiple reps and was told it would be sent but ultimately it was not available and they credited me just $10 gift card or the trouble. Too bad I can’t buy the keypad in Canada. Had to buy the keypad on Amazon for a $68.00. Almost what I paid for the whole package. I have purchased multiple cameras and other equipment plus a monthly subscription from Wyze but never had such a hard time to get the product I purchased and was promised. A little disappointed that they dropped the ball on this deal. Sorry about the rant but maybe Wyze will notice this and figure out a better system for resolving issues like this. Feeling ripped off and customer service really stopped the ball. Love the Wyze products but this was really left a bad taste in my mouth.

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