Garage sale backorder issues

I had ordered some WYZE products from their website when they had their ‘garage sale’ ( Cam Pan and Cam outdoor starter bundle)
A few days after the 3 day processing time frame I emailed in regards to my order. I was then told that my order was currently back ordered and that they can only ship my orders together, not separate, and my orders should ship soon.
From my understanding from reading the email is that the garage sale was hosted so people could buy refurbished items? Would it make sense that a refurbished item would be on back order? I was not informed before my first email sent wondering where my items were that these items would take longer to get to me.
Did anyone else purchase items from the garage sale and they still haven’t received them?


I ordered the refurbished outdoor camera 12/29/21 and all I hear is crickets.
I ordered the watch when they were “back in stock” on 11/26/21. When asked about it 3 weeks later i was given the same copy and paste answer that they gave you, “Your order was currently back ordered and that they can only ship my orders together, not separate, and my orders should ship soon.” Which was odd since I had only ordered one item.
I am done with Wyse.


i feel mine is defected. i order a cam v2 and it will not connect. i have 3 v3 cameras doorbell pro sooooo many bulbs and color bulbs indoor and outdoor outlets thermostat lock scale. all connected with 0 problems. now after following tutorials and renamed my network and now have to reset up every last device. and yes it also took way to long to ship it. common. i have a erro router and can set it to only 2.4ghs for a period of time. it just doest work

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Yes, purchased Wyze scale. Contacted CS and recieved the same response. And the roads are cleared of snow…whatever.
Edit: Received an email from Wyze, the Scale purchase is in shipping mode via Fedex SmartPost on 1/14. Although I like the products WYZE offers throughout their site I’m going with Amazon for any future purchases. Less hassle, up to date delivery and customer service interaction.

Same here. I ordered scale on the 12/29 still has not shipped. I have received two emails (after requesting support) that stated the warehouse was hit by a snowstorm and they are working to get caught up. There hasn’t been snow on the roads in Seattle for days. I tried to cancel but can not since it is processing.

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After a call I was told things should start shipping this week. Weirdly though I order the google nest hub bundle a few days ago and got it in in a few days? Do these products not ship from the same place?


Something is happening to me and they can’t even give me a time-line for the back order?

So am I going to miss the updates needed in firmware as well as the camera’s themselves?

When ordering nothing said backorder and I had to inquire to did this out, yet they put the order as processing? How can it be processing (shipped in 2-3 days) if it’s on backorder with no none time? Can’t cancel orders that are processing??

Seems unfair



Same here

Even new products out of stock are plentiful on Amazon? Do they not have the same distributor?

All these backorder products are going to miss the updates needed??

No time-line given for backorder so I can’t even get my other products in the order!

Not sure how it’s marked processing (2-3 days before shipping) except it stops me from canceling my order

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So, I just received an email asking me to rate my purchase while it is fresh in my mind. Four weeks and still hasn’t shipped, and unable to cancel. That “snow storm” excuse from support is getting old. I wonder how my review will be?

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Same BS here…I just want my $$$ back

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i ordered mine from Jan 2 and have been getting the run around, the day after i purchased a v2 and v3 cam i got an email saying the order was cancelled so i figured maybe they ran out of something. So i then ordered a outdoor cam. weeks passed and nothing i called and the lady said my second order was cancelled, and not the first, i said that makes no sense, it wasnt until i got the cancellation email that i placed my second order. She went on to tell me that the only thing she is seeing on my ordr is a covid test! WTF, i didnt order that, spoke to someone else another time and they said the outdoor cam was indeed cancelled and the first order went tru, however STILL NOTHING!! it is almost a MONTH and its still saying processing!!