Reboot Sense Hub

I know the information has been posted somewhere on the forum but I can’t find it. My hub is offline this morning and I want to reboot it to see if that fixes the problem. What are the steps to reboot?

Found the information on the support site: hold reset button for 10 seconds to power cycle the hub, but that didn’t seem to work. Will try again.

Okay, must not have held it long enough the first time. Hub rebooted and seems to have reconnected.

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Go here, second Paragraph

I think I got this from you in the past. :wink:

This is what I had to do when I had the bad FW. I replaced my Hub since and it has been fine


Yes, but I haven’t had to do it for a very, very long time and an old brain like mine operates on a first in-first out storage methodology.



I Know what you mean. Its all good. Hope it works for you


Enjoying the irony here since @WildBill was the first person to teach us how to do the reboot way back when the hub first launched and we were having lock up issues from the v1 sensor bug way back when. :slight_smile:


The irony isn’t missed by me. I vaguely remembered the process but couldn’t remember if it was with or without the hub being powered by the adapter.

As I said, I haven’t needed to do it for a very, very long time.


It works both ways. If it is powered, then you can just do a simple reboot by holding for 10 seconds and releasing when it starts to flash.

If you unplug the power, then you can hold it down for like 30 seconds until it totally powers off. Then it will stay suspended until you plug it back into power, at which point it will power back on.

I think you taught me both of those. They work almost the same way in the end, so it’s totally understandable how there could be confusion when you remember something about both of them but it not quite sounding right. Makes perfect sense. But in the end you were actually right about both…you can do it with the adapter (10 seconds) or without the adapter (30 seconds). :slight_smile: So either way you were right!

Yea, I made sure to consult with you before rebooting mine as well. You had it nailed down :wink:

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I blame my memory problem on pain medication I’m taking for my knee, gabapentin. It’s helping to reduce the pain, probably by making me forget about it and everything else.



@WildBill Which firmware is your hub on?

Just updated to the current version,, Two step upgrade to get there.


Thanks. I had frequent reboot / offline issues with my original hub that was already updated to 264 so I finally deleted Hub/HMS and reinstalled everything on a brand new Hub. So far, so good. But the old one tended to drop offline 2-3 days after a power cycle add re-add. Hopefully this new one on the new firmware stays online :crossed_fingers: