Wyze Sense Hub not connecting

After I had to reset my router the Wyze Sense Hub wouldn’t reconnect. After trying a few things I reset it by unplugging and then holding down the button for 10 seconds. When I go to reconnect it wouldn’t say “ready to connect”. So I deleted the hub and all sensors from my account/app. When I go to add the hub again, it still will not say “ready to connect” to enter paring mode. I’ve sent a ticket in to support but thought I’d ask here. Anyone else have this issue and able to get it to work?

I had a similar problem just a couple days ago. I contacted Support and they talked me through the process. As I recall I unplugged the hub from both the power and router for 30 seconds, plugged it back in, pushed the reset button and then go ready to connect. I had to delete and the add the hub in the app.

The answer is replace the Wyze Sense Hub. Wyze wouldn’t send me a new one to replace my 1 year old unit, so I just punted and bought a new one. It automatically hooked up to my cameras, but I had to go to each senser and reestablish connection, which didn’t take too long and I didn’t have to move the Sense hub to do it. Still sucks that after numerous times talking to support, they couldn’t just send me a new hub. It has to be able to last more than 1 or 2 years!

Currently having the same exact issues.

Except, it tells me it has connected, etc, but shows as offline.

Any there is no way to reset these things. Even the new one I just installed has been sending me connection issues (off line), but comes right back up. That “might” be an internet issue, but the original didn’t have that issue. Just another thing to deal with!