Ready to play? Introducing Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset - Released 3/7/23

Ready to play?

Introducing Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset. Gamers of any level get ultra-low latency with Bluetooth® 5.2. Podium-worthy comfort with memory foam ear pads and a lightweight, extra-wide frame. Add in up to 20 hours of battery life and 2 microphone options, and you can play as long as you can stay in the game. :grinning:

Get yours here:


Looks great, I just ordered a pair! Do you know if they can connect to two devices at the same time? Like my phone and PlayStation like the Wyze noise cancelling headphones?

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They look awesome! But, I’m disappointed they are not compatible with xbox. Why is that? Any chance they will be updated in the future to work with xbox?
I’m probly gonna order a pair anyway TBH.


Does this have Sidetone / Mic Monitoring? That’s critical for me.


I found this on the web site. Looks like they can connect to two devices.

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Good question. I only game on xbox, but on there, you can adjust mic monitoring in the xbox’s settings, so if the headset does’nt have it built in, maybe its something the device can mix for you? I’ll check it out on my PC.

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You can thank Microsoft. They use a proprietary wireless standard on Xbox, which can be expensive (or impossible) to license.
This is why you see more wired “pro” controllers from big name brands, than wireless. It’s also why you might see brands release Xbox-specific versions of headsets, often well after the initial model is released.
Microsoft implementing Bluetooth support would be the simplest, but way less likely to happen, solution.


Thanks. Thats lame. More of an Apple move. I’m surprised by Microsoft doing that. You’d think they would want it compatible with all PC accessories to encourage use.


This is a longshot, but is there an easy way to get two of these headphones to play from the same source? Basically so wife and I can use them for our nighttime viewing when the kids are asleep.

Currently I have an old two-device-supporting aptx-ll (low latency) splitter and two headphones that support aptx-ll. But it’s getting harder to come by aptx-ll headphones and they’re usually poor quality. We’ve gone through two pairs in two years.


Couple of questions that aren’t answered by the current FAQ or specs:

  • What Bluetooth audio codecs does it support? (e.g. AptX, AptX low latency, SBC, LC3, LDAC, etc?)
  • Can the headphones be used while they are charging?
  • Are the earpads replaceable?

I don’t know about the Bluetooth codecs. Maybe Jason or someone can find out.

No. I’m sad about this too. :sob:

They don’t appear to be. The other headphones weren’t replaceable and I haven’t seen anything for these that says otherwise either.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Too bad about the charging but at least they can fast charge.
The bluetooth codec question is a pretty nerdy one, so it might take a while to get an answer.

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Yeah, I’m sure @WyzeJasonJ would have to ask the Product Manager specifically. :joy: But it would be a cool one to find out.

I just unboxed my headset. The only toggleable setting I see in Android settings is AAC.

I have asked about your codec question and will get back to you when I get a response.

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Could you check for sidetone / mic monitoring? No answer from Wyze yet and I would like to buy this.

I have also asked about sidetone / mic monitoring, I do not believe it has it but I want to be positive before I say for sure,


thanks for getting back, ill keep an ear out for updates!

Sidetone can sometimes be done on PC through windows without lag, but its dependent on the USB adapter’s quality. Using “listen to this mic” is a work around, but sometimes you get lucky. My old SoundBlaster USB adapter can use this workaround with zero lag, but my logitech has horrible lag. Think it has to do with how audio is routed in software / device firmware? I’m no expert lol. But I do care about this feature a lot!