Convert Wyze Noise Cancelling Headphones to Gaming Headphone (i.e. purchase adapter for gaming headset only)

You just launched your gaming headset. Awesome. I’d love to be able to use my already purchased Noise Cancelling headphones for gaming as well…just lacking the bluetooth adapter for the xbox series x. Would be great if that adapter could be purchased separately so for those of us who already have the one product, can use it instead of also having to buy the new gaming headset.

I believe the new gaming headset is not compatible with the Xbox. I’m not sure why, but I don’t think an adapter would help the noise cancellation ones if the gaming ones also don’t work for the Xbox.

Also, I’m guessing the noise cancelling headphones don’t have the right hardware to be compatible with the gaming headset adapter


Works great with Xbox Series S

I use my headphones all day with my PC (Bluetooth) then plug in this boom mic for gaming at night on xbox.

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Not a bad solution. Thanks. So does the game sound come through the cord also? Or can you get game sound via bluetooth and just need the corded mic?

Gameplay audio and voice chat (gamechat, xbox chat, discord) it all comes through!

This is true for
Xbox One
Xbox One S
Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X