Ready to play? Introducing Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset - Released 3/7/23

I am being told that it supports SBC and AAC.


I am being told it does not have sidetone / mic monitoring. I am not sure if any workaround will work or not.


Thank you. Need to check the refund policy, I might buy if I can return should it not work :sweat_smile:.

Love wyze hardware, and the community around it. Thanks for getting back again!

@WyzeJasonJ Can you confirm if this is true?

This is unfortunately a deal breaker for me as I generally need to replace ear pads about every 2 years.


This is unfortunately true.


Thought we were going back to basics with more cameras.
So if we are doing gaming, why not a gaming VR headset? Tons of gaming earphones already out there

I was extremely fortunate to have been able to win one in a random drawing during the livestream. I just received it today, and it’s been charging for six hours or so and it’s still on 30%. That doesn’t bode well for those having to buy them.
I’ll see what happens tomorrow after the headphones are plugged in overnight.

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The gaming headset is cheap enough here from Wyze to just replace the whole headset and still be out < $60.

The directions and FAQ should specify that for Nintendo Switch you must use the dongle. Otherwise, voice/microphone operations will not work, only the earpieces. So, please update your internal help documents as well since support did not offer this up when I reached out to them yesterday.
I eventually figured it out though.

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Not having sidetone is a huge mistake and deal breaker for me. I absolutely need to clearly hear my voice when I’m talking with over the ear headsets. Hearing my muffled voice isn’t good enough. Back in the day home telephones had side tone and it worked well.

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