Rats! Can't live with them

We have camV3. We bought them to see what type of varmints had moved in (old house owners - seems to be part if the journey). We will eventually use them outside for security.

We thought at first squirrels - we heard them in the attic - but not really typical signs of squirrels - but we put a bright light in - no longer heard them - but then our cat’s food started being found in odd locations along with poo. Rat poo or mouse po? At 1st - it wasn’t clear. Then we realized RATS! UGH!

We started with live traps - no success, snap traps- nope. And so on. We wanted to see - what exactly we had, how many, how they are getting in, etc.

So - bought cameras. Set up easy - great pic - BUT - no notifications about varmints! What the heck!

It notifies us of humans - us. It shows little floating sometimes falling little lights - NO RATS! Do I have something set wrong? I know they are there because i continually record and search playback for things moved and ultimately find them - but never a notification. Help!

The dear departed Gavin the !@#$%^& Rat used to send motion notifications from my Battery powered WCO using cam plus lite.

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Should just use basic motion detection for notifications. Don’t know if the rat will be detected by the AI as a “pet”.

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If you have cam plus lite, theres a 1 (or 5?) min cooldown between events. Could be getting triggered from dust and then going into cooldown when the rats come? Cam plus will remove that cooldown and the 12 second event length limit.

Also make sure your sensitivity settings are right

Smart little guy was dodging that thing for a while.