Catching rats in the act!

before I purchase… need your best cameras recommendation for the fastest Instant Motion Detection/Recording for catching RATS that are killing my canaries. Rats enter during the NIGHT to an OUTDOOR Aviary. I will follow your recommendation of which model/models of cameras to surround the cage 10’ x 5’ x 8’high to find out how the Rats are entering the Aviary. There is electricity on site or if the Battery Operated are best, or both with SD card , whatever. I use: Samsung Galaxy cell, Chromebook, Ipads & Desktop.

V2 camera, with uSD installed, and set for continuous recording. Likely want several so you can view from different angles.


Yes definitely V2’s. Buy from Amazon for fast shipping and easy return if you have a problem.
Get some birdhouses :point_down: and you’re good to go.

Also, I’ve had zero problems with these :point_down:.

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if I get 4 V2’s … do they plug into a 120v receptacle? The cable looks like it has USB connection to a computer. Is there a compatible device that can power all 4 V2’s?

thanks for your help. I’ve ordered extra 20 ft USB cables, weather housings & SD cards from Amazon but ordered 4 V2’s directly from WYZE to get the camera and app support.
I hope this works.

I can testify to their ability to video rats. E we had a problem last summer and using the V2’s recommended by @Hemiand @K6CCC I was able to see their access and paths. It will work for you.
Just s couple of points. Support for the cams and the app comes from Wyze no matter where you purchase. You can reach them online at Wyze Support
Live support is available:+1-206-339-9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PST
The USB port on the back can be used to daisy chain the cams together. Just be aware that there is a power from each one to the next. loss

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The power cord that plugs into the back of the V2 or Pan cameras is a USB micro-B connector. The cameras come with a USB wall wart, or you can plug them into some other USB power source. For example I have plugged cameras into a USB batter pack for temp portable operations, and I have one in my truck that plugs into a cigarette lighter to USB adapter. If you plug it into a computer, it is only a power source.
There is also a USB A connection (what your PC has) that can be used to daisy chain to a second camera.