Catch this rat

I am trying to catch a rat in our house. What’s the best settings to use on the camera to film during night. I am assuming setting a schedule for events for night vision?

I would set it up with a wide view of the area you have known the animal to travel, turn night vision on auto and I like the record on events only option because its much easier to see ONLY when there was movement vs the continious recording ( if you are using an sd card) because then you have to use the events to find a rough area of when it was moving and then do more of a playback review to find the sd card recording whereas with event only recording it will only record when there is movement.

I had a Wyze 2 camera in my attic watching a rat trap a year or so ago. It was sitting on an electrical switch box about 4 feet from and a foot or so above the trap. That way I could easily check to see if the rat had been trapped without having to get out the ladder and climbing up into the attic.
It worked.
BTW, that camera also served to determine the high temp limit on that camera at about 150 degrees - measured on 117 degree day.

Sorry … couldn’t resist