Question re: Cam +

Hi Guys!
Can you riddle me this…
I have one Cam + license on my outdoor cam and it is applied to that camera. ( Expires June 2023)
However, when viewing I get the message that~I cant do this and I cant do that~ because I dont have a license.

Also, camera just quit working this morming at 8 am kick off line for no apparent reason.

Anyone wanna give me some advise?

Can you elaborate on what you are trying to do when it gives you that message?

Also, if the camera appears to be malfunctioning strangely like shutting off for no apparent reason, then it sounds to me like the camera might be malfunctioning and this could be part of the problem. WCO’s can be tricky, but would personally try setting it back up.

Consider contacting support to help walk you through some troubleshooting to see if you can restore it back to normal functionality: