Push notifications from cameras not working

I’m having this issue with not only Android but iOS.

I believe you’re the first one to report this issue on iOS. I would submit a log about it. I know some other iOS users but they don’t have any issues.


@mikelconnor , I have an iOS device as well and receive notifications on it. Could it be the settign of the app on iOS as iOS 14 and higher made some changes.

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I don’t have the beta app and all firmware is up to date, but not getting notifications from my v3. Doorbell is working but slow on the notifications.

Has this issue been reported outside of having the beta app?

I believe it’s only beta related. Still an issue with Android beta app 2.21.14.

Everything was fine until 2 days ago. Any ideas on this?

went back to non beta app, opt out of the beta program. still no change. i would say it has to do with the firmware on the v2

Sorry if this was asked already, but are you seeing any events for your V2 camera’s in the app? Curious as I am wondering if some of your settings got changed for notification and/or detection.

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Events are there, just no notification for me.

Here is something to try…

Any update on not getting notifications with the BETA app?

No, still not getting notifications. Really passing me off that I spend all this money for the equipment and pay monthly for the subscription, and I can’t get my products to function properly.

I’ve received confirmation from people that they definitely have tested a fix for this that works. It will apparently be released in the next app release.

For anyone who needs everything to work right, I recommend getting out of Beta. Beta means there will ALWAYS bugs and issues to work out. These kind of issues will happen again and again and it will continue to be frustrating. Beta is for helping find bugs in things that haven’t been publicly released yet. Sometimes it’s better to stay on production versions and not feel frustrated so often. I personally enjoy helping to find and resolve issues to make things better, so it doesn’t upset me too much.

Push notifications (and most everything else) works in the public production version of the app.

I definitely recommend sticking with production for anyone who needs things to stay fairly consistent because otherwise beta testing can be pretty frustrating if you aren’t expecting problems and doing to help out and find things to fix.


Until the updated app is released for Android, simply start the app and leave it running. The Notifications will come through.

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I have been having the issue where the push notifications button in the app turns itself off. I have to turn it back on every day. I am running IOS. This has been going on for some time now. Anybody else?

I have an iOS device as well and have not experienced this. I will check more closely to see if it is an issue on my end as I use Android as my daily driver.

Opted out of beta for the time being. When the fix comes out I will go back to beta. I have a habit of always closing running apps so I end up not getting alerts.

The latest Android app release corrected the push notification issue.


I have an iPhone with the latest IOS and latest Wyze App version V2.21.35. I no longer am receiving notifications. I believe this happened with the latest update. I check all the cameras and notifications is on, I turned the iPhone on and off. No notifications. Anyone else having this issue?

What cameras are having issues? So sounds like notifications are on, but what about motion detection? Notifications trigger from events, no events? No notifications.