Purple line of left of camera image




A few of my cameras show these purples lines on the left side of the camera. This is not the purple tint issue others are posting about, This is what I did so far. Cycle the nightvision On / Off / Auto. Reboot camera, power down for a few minutes, set up again as a new device. Updated the firmware to the latest version. Stand camera up on base extended away from the magnet.

Seems like the purple lines are baked into the sensor. Any other suggestions to try? Odd that they’re all on the left side. the right side is fone on all the cameras. Thanks in advance for any other suggestions.

Well, maybe not on the center photo. The window on right also has a purple tinge.
What happens if you take a photo of white paper in field of view?


Follow the above advice, photo a white paper, that solves the next few questions and cuts to the chase.

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Same results


Same results


This one seemed to clear up and then goes back after I remove the white paper. What is this white paper trick?

White paper eliminates some of the variables and shows distortion.
I see a clear line between pink and white on AD5D at 17:55:27.
Its weird that all three camera have same symptom.

Were all these purchased at the same time (production run problem)?
Try moving a magnet on the side to make sure the IR filter isn’t stuck.

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Tried the magnet. I see the image color changing to tint the entire image a purple hue but doesn’t resolve the lines on left. Yes, they were all bought the same time in Oct 2018. I bought 10 of them. The other 7 are still fine.


Good diagnostics. Is the IR filter square/rectangular? I would have assumed it was round but that line is vertical.

Wonder how well the OP’s night vision works (whether the filter is moving into place at all or is just stuck there on the left).

Sounds like I might be stuck with 3 ruined cameras. I can’t be the 1st one with these problems right? I’ll hold on to them until someone posts another possible resolution or says they’re trash. No complaints, they’re $20. I bought a dozen more to plaster around our home.


Technically they are not ruined cameras, they work but there’s a chromatic anboration that’s minimal at best.

If these where mine, I’d say, I’ve bought a cheap a awesome camera ( personally I’ve bought hundreds and given them away to many ) and a few tool a slight dump as to perfect exposure so I really don’t care anymore and I’ll just look at the second hand market and score some and gift them too.

These are super cheap highly valuable cameras that when having the latest firmware and updates just can’t be beat.

By the way…I’m a 3yr participant of these forums under various names and have only reregistered under this name due to system compromises and doxxing.

But my message is still meaningful, under any name. Wyze Brings it.

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Agree with @WhosWho said, “cheap a awesome camera”. Although still usable, would excellent in dark places.
Also agree with @Customer, the filter seems to be stuck on the left.

Last try, leave the power supply and cord in place and try swapping the camera out with a good one. If the problem follows the camera take the camera apart, see if there is piece of dust or a bug poo preventing the IR lens from fully retracting.

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I didn’t clarify. I’ve had no system compromises or doxxing under any product by Wyze. It is unrelated to Wyze and required me to completely wipe my existence off the net as best as possible, abandoning all accounts and previous devices owned.

I’ve got the best advantage of Wyze, they make a dirt cheap camera that works with few issues every few months, no scripts monthly and are disposable words case scenario.

On topic: I once put tv speakers on top of a brand new tv. The magnetic abhoration didn’t show up right away, the next day half the screen was toast.

Watch what you put your camera near, it does matter and the only cure is time unplugged at best to discharge the field.

I’d try and take it apart to see if it shifted and clean the IR filter … careful it’s very thin and can break easily…

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Excellent post @gku2. There good links through it as well. Thank you!

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You’re right. Still usable in dark places. Trying to gut and fix a $20 camera. Not worth it. I’d buy another. The problem does follow the camera. Tried multiple plugs and cables from other cameras.

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Trying to think where these cameras were placed and cannot think of any magnets near buy except for one in my office. It was mounted 1 ft above a studio speaker. Maybe over 2 years, the speaker magnet finally had some influence on the image. Maybe I’ll leave unplugged and try again in a month. Maybe the image will magically clear up!

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I’m of firm belief that after 2 years of use for $20 that occasionally let you down due to firmware and additional options never really designed for the camera 2 yrs ago that sold it on you…

The money was well spent.

Wyze isn’t a security company, and when they declare they are, I walk away. They fail in every regard to SECURITY and yet excel in every aspect of just letting you watch something on a cheap camera with super cheap features better than most offer… that’s not disputed for when it was released and all available options…

But times change.

Wyze needs to stop thinking they can come into today’s standards, offer cheaper and better when their best case Scenario right now is $1.50 per camera and no bundling option for 1-10 or 5-20 or 10-15 or anything…that others offer cheaper and ARE A SECURITY company.

As of now, short of resetting your cameras after dumping previous app alliances like I have and climbing ladders monthly…while never allowing Camplus to se them is almost like I’m fighting a company trying to milk me…

Why is that?. Just give me back what I bought, the standard features from Jan 1st 2020 and don’t pressure me to subscribe ( or my friends ) to additional services you think I’d pay for.

That’s outside the box you sold me on. Why?

You need to take internals out of the case and the camera assembly off the eternals, might I add very carefully be wary of the antenna wire there is a YouTube link: Wyze Camera Lens Swap - YouTube. shows disassembly process

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Yes, a year ago I did a cam pan and a V2.
The cam pan is a bit harder to work on with the hidden screw.
But the improvement it made on the image quality was like brand new !
Thinking of doing another V2 soon …

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The speaker magnet probably wouldn’t affect the camera. The magnetic field decreases with inverse square law.

Alternating field current induced into the power supply line by running parallel with a fluorescent lamp or ballast could be a problem.

A bad power supply may go bad have alternating current riding on top of the DC power which could cause problems. Most of the new power supply are switching; if they go bad can send high frequency over the power line to camera as well. Sometimes its gone flat and not putting out enough current for the device. I think you’ve eliminated all those scenerio by swapping the camera out to a working location.

Leaving it unplugged for half an hour or more could work. Whenever my microwave oven or digital washer/dryer control panel locks up, unlpugging it has brought those back to life.

If you’re not going to take it apart then hitting the camera on the side by tapping in on a table might free up the IR filter. Its called percussive maintenance.


Percussive maintenances… 40 yrs and running across various devices and it’s never let me down. I applaud that ultimate decision.

It’s $20 and I can handle an estwing 20oz for a quick resolve.

Of the hundreds I’ve gifted away, remarkably it’s always user error or an update that they call me for, as if…I’m the end all be all creator of a [mod edit] camera from a google fired employee and a team employed to stamp down bad things said about a absolutely dime store camera trying to be a security camera that just can’t be.

I toss them, first glitch every single day… they fail if the wind changes direction or if firmware isn’t updated before app is… there’s no rhyme or reason to what makes this camera work flawlessly because the rules are even hit and miss and the directory to the rules itself only address a scenario 1 in a million would be applicable to.

But… and here’s a huge but…

Lately person detection is rightly spot the hell on, it’s almost uncanny how great it is for me… brush off the all other motion, remove all features and just set basics and I’ll be telling ya blokes it’s night and day for detection for me.

About 80% detection and aiming lower than intended for area and those [mod edit] reporting a weed in your yard is clearly marked as Person detected.

Thanks Wyze

MOD NOTE: Post edited to conform to the Community Guidelines.

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