Cam Pan - edge of picture turned purple

All of a sudden, the left edge of the camera’s view has turned purple. I can see when it happened when I play back the video from the card. Any idea what’s happening? Will it get worse?

Assuming you haven’t changed the lighting in the area I’d say the camera sensor is in the early stages of failure. Sometimes it may manifest itself as the internal temperature rises, so you could remove power to the camera to let things cool down then check again to see if that’s the case. It may or may not get worse over time but very likely won’t get better.

Try manually cycling the Night Vision on and off. The IR filer may not be moving fully out of the way.


That totally solved the problem. Thank you very much!


Interesting. I never would have suspected that were the issue given the way it first occurred in the clip with no apparent lighting change.

There is a solenoid that flips an IR filter in front of the camera. Sometimes is gets stuck.
If manually cycling the Night Vision doesn’t work you may also try a strong magnet on side of cam.