Process to unenroll/unregister 2 cameras

Need to remove them from the app and Cam Plus.

What is the correct process to unenroll or unregister two V2 cameras?

Thanks in advance

It partially depends on how you registered. If you ordered Cam Plus through the app, then you will have to try to cancel Cam Plus that way because you technically ordered cam plus through Google or Apple and they are sticklers about cancelation and prorated refunds. If you ordered a yearly subscription for it through Google/Apple (ie: the app), then Google/Apple might make you keep the subscription for the entire year because they want their money for it. Wyze can’t do much about that.

If you ordered through a browser and the Wyze Website, then Wyze will give you a prorated refund for any time you didn’t use in your subscription. Go to sign in, go to “My Account” then click on the “Edit” button next to your cam plus subscriptions, and click on Cancel subscription.

If you only wanted to remove cam plus but keep the cameras, then you’re done.

If you also wanted to delete/remove the cameras from your app, there are several ways to do that. On the Home tab you can click the edit icon in the upper right (looks like a pencil, select “edit device” then click the red minus sign to the left of any camera you want to remove from your app. Then click done on the upper right.

There you go, no more cam plus and the cams can be sold to someone else. --don’t forget to remove your sd card if you had one in there.

If you are planning to keep your cameras, but were only removing cam plus, you might want to consider adding Cam Plus Lite if you don’t already have it. You can choose to have it for any price you want, including free. You just need to make sure to go to the account tab and add your cameras to it once you get it.


Do you want them to not have cam plus or to delete them from the app entirely. You can unsubscribe from cam plus in the services section of the app I believe, and you can delete the cam at the bottom of its settings.

Throwing both cameras out. They only show cloudy blurry video.

I’m paid up for a few more months on an annual plan year for cam plus, so I’ll let that expire.

Have you gone through troubleshooting? They aren’t supposed to be blurry. Especially both of them…

Wyze cams have a high resale value. You should consider posting them on a marketplace, auction site or classifieds. People like buying them used, so you’ll get some money back.

(Or you could just give them to someone who will appreciate them…leave them on your curb with a sign that says “Free” or something)

Of course, they are yours, and trash is totally your right for any reason or no reason :+1:


And better for the environment

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Where are you located? I would like to have them. I’ll pay for postage.