Powering outside cameras

Has Wyze thought about creating a solor cell power unit for its cameras? I could sure use this type of option for a number of cameras around my property. I am always trying to capture the pletheora of wildlife that passes through my property.

I Believe Wyze may be working on a solar option, but here is one made by Wasserstein. I do not have one so cannot tell you if it actually works.

Here is a link to another option:

You could also consider using “Low Voltage Wiring” and burying the wire from an A.C. power outlet (indoors) power supply to the cameras. Then use a 12 volt to 5 volt micro-USB regulator adapter and install to camera.

The power Supply mounts indoors but the cable to camera can be longer as the 5 volts is regulated at the camera. And Voltage drop due to cable length is not an issue as the regulator will work with as low as 9 volts input.

I have ran over 180 feet of 2 conductor cable to camera with this setup, use low voltage lighting wiring it can be buried, it is weatherproof and UV resistant.

Connect the 12v to 5v micro-USB regulator adapter to cable matching polarity ( +red -black ) along cable where a camera is needed if more than 1 camera just get a 12 volt adapter with more current (Amps) The Adapter regulator is weatherproof except the micro-USB itself but the boot on the V3 takes care of that.

Links below to several power supplies, 1 Amp for 1 camera, 2 Amp for 2 cameras, or 5 amp for 5 cameras,
choose according to your needs. The cable run can have multiple connections for cameras along cable.

12 volt input to 5 volt output micro-USB cable (adapter)

If above 12 to 5 volt adapter is sold-out as happens frequently, the type below will work too
12 to 5 volt micro-USB adapter

12 volt power supply 1 amp with connector adapter

12 volt power supply 2 amp with connector adapter

12 volt power supply 5 amp with connector adapter

14/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire - 100 feet

Gardner Bender 25-1W1 Watergard Weatherproof Twist-On Wire Connectors, 22-12 AWG, Small Direct-Buried

This location originally had a V2 in an enclosure, the 12v to 5v adapter has been exposed to rain, snow, and heat of summer for over 3 years. Recently replaced V2 with a V3

Below is an event captured by this camera, note I don’t use IR as I get too many flying bug triggers.

This is a link to my Overly-Engineered Wyze Cam setup…LOL
Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications


This is fantastic. I will let you know how this works. I am going to order one to try it out. I have a number of outdoor cameras for wildlife viewing. So this should the trick.

Thank you!

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This is excellent info. I will give this a try. This would really save the cameras going dark when I am out of town.

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I have three Wasserstein solar panels for the outdoor cameras. They have kept the outdoor cameras charged at 100% except on a cloudy day, then it might drop a bit.

If you decide to go this route, which would be easer than running wire, know that the solar panel and Wyze outdoor camera both need to be fully charged before connecting them. Put the solar panel in strong sunlight for about 6 hours, and charge the outdoor camera normally.

I am very happy with my Wasserstein panels. They have been in use for over 6 months.with no issues other than one panel not being sealed at the factory, let water in and the smoke out. That was covered under warranty.

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Thank you for the info. I did order one panel to try it out. it should be here to day. I will follow your advice and get it charged up prior to placment.

I am excited about this option. It will solve a bunch of issues.


Just to let you know. Here is the Wyze Solar Panel:


Wow! that is half of what I paid for the same basic unit on Amazon. I will be returning the unit I bought and buying some of these. I have 14 cameras. This price point makes equiping the cameras a no brainer.

Thank you!

Keep in mind it’s a pre order right now, so you won’t get it right away.

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That price does NOT including shipping though so you may want to see what the shipping cost will be before deciding…

I deleted my reply as I sent without spell checking. Sorry about that. Here it is again with the spelling checked…

Once thing that the Wasserstein unit has that is probably the big differentiator is it ships with its own internal battery. So when the sun isn’t shining there is enough power to run the unit and apparently keep this battery charged when the sun comes out. So that battery in all likelihood will allow the camera to run almost indefinitely. I could see the Wyze unit having some limitations especially in northern climates. Being in AZ, I am betting this unit will be fine. In my case, with my outdoor camera locations, this isn’t as important to me. I am looking for something to keep the cameras going for a couple of weeks with minimal activity. That battery I am sure is the big difference. Regardless, I returned the Wasserstein unit and will be ordering a couple of the Wyze units.

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