Continuously power Wyze Cam Outdoor

I have a Wyze Cam Outdoor in my barn. I am using the Outdoor since it has an internal battery. I have a solar panel and 12v power in my barn already. I want to hook the cam up to the power so I don’t have to keep charging it but I saw a note in the specs saying it wasn’t recommended. Will providing it power all the time cause a problem? Is 5V 1A the correct power supply for a maintenance charge like this?

Can I use the camera while it’s charging?
The camera will function while charging. However, this is not recommended as the camera is built with the intention of running primarily off of its battery power.

We have our outdoor cameras on solar panels for over 1+ years with no issues,the solar panels we have are not wyze,there aftermarket and have batteries in the pannel to provide power during cloudy days,nite

You don’t need batteries in the panel, so long as you have a sunny day or two every few months. :wink:

If your located in a heavy cloud area northern states the customers said yes,and thats is how there sold,no other options unless you buy another vendor,we have had them for over a year with no issues

The problem with supplying power full time to an Outdoor Camera is most people just plug in a bare USB connector and don’t realize they’ve just eliminated the waterproofing. So Support just makes a blanket statement that isn’t recommended.

The Wyze solar panel comes with a proper sealed connector, as also come from some other solar panel makers. I believe there is also a cable on Amazon that fits the sealed connector, and I think I saw a power adapter with one too.

If you use the 12V panel you will have to convert that to 5V, and get a splitter. Does your panel have much current available?

Should be acceptable, so long as it doesn’t fold back the voltage when higher currents are drawn. The Outdoor Camera will draw about 1.5A if it can find it, but it charges fine with less current available from the Wyze Solar Panel. The Wyze solar panel doesn’t fold back the voltage if more current is requested.