Wyze Solar Panel no other power needed?

Do I have this right? Will solar pannel power a V2 without plugging the camera into an electric socket or light bulb adapter?

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The solar panel connects to the battery powered WYZE Cam Outdoor version 2 (V2), not the wired V2 WYZE Indoor Camera, (They should really come up with new names !)


If you have a Cam Outdoor v2, charge the cam fully before attaching to the solar panel, align the solar panel correctly and it will keep your cam charged as long as you don’t live stream for hours per day.

Here’s a good reference for solar panel alignment… face the panel South if you are located in the mainland US and adjust angle per this calculator/guide:

Solar Angle Calculator

For a year-round “set it and leave it” solar panel alignment, face the panel South and use the “Spring/Fall” angle setting.


Understand. Thanks. It says Indoor/outdoor so I guess you can. OK, I looked again and it actually says V3. So I guess that’s it.

Oh, good. It may be worth a try. I think when the panels came out I was discouraged because I was afraid it would not provide enough power and forgot about it; now they are promoting them and we want to use our camera outside now as it was focused indoors on a pet we don’t have anymore.

Just to clarify… the solar panel won’t power a Cam v3. The solar panel works only with the Cam Outdoor.

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…and only ancillarily. In ‘perfect’ exposure to the sun in ‘perfect’ sunny conditions with low load by the camera and a perfect electrical connection, it ‘might’ provide continuous battery substitution. Otherwise you’ll be taking the camera down for a charge periodically, much like one without the connection to a solar panel.

Oops. Seapup. Thanks for the clarification! Wyze really needs to do something to make this clearer.

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Just provisionally posted in Wishlist to have Wyze put up a matrix of power options for each camera so that it will be easy to purchase power options that will apply to each camera —NO CONFUSION — as a result. This should be easy and requires no product development. My chat in support just now confirmed that a chart like this does not presently exist.


That may be a good idea, I still think the camera names get people confused.
WYZE Cam Outdoor V1
WYZE Cam Outdoor V2
V3 indoor/ Outdoor


I have a wyze outdoor cam WVOD1 and have it connected to the solar panel.

It is at mid 80% power, and this is end of December.

I installed it in July this year, and started with full charge .

So, for where I live, it works well, so far.

Other than the usual “camera is offline” that seems to plague their home base.

A smart plug allows me to power cycle it which nearly always solves it