Battery Cams

Can I just leave a battery cam plugged in all the time? I have them at my 93 year old father’s house, and we’re trying to not have them down while we are charging them. Any help would be appreciated!

At least the wireless outdoor cams show continuous solar charging so Wyze even markets battery cams with continuous charging officially.

But, technically, you can leave anything with a battery always plugged in. Whether or not the battery goes bad fast from that or not is ultimately dependent on the manufacturer. You won’t really know until it starts to become round or continue to be excellent years later.

There’s probably hacky things people may suggest. I’m not getting into that here or anything else.

You have the thread tagged cam v1-v2, do you mean you are using the WCO V1 or v2? Not the regular corded V1 or v2?

Why did you go with the battery cameras if they are mounted in a spot where you are going to be using full-time power? Why not go with a corded camera which has more recording functions?

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