New rule for outdoor cam "plug n' forget" without destroying the battery (using smart plugs)

As mentioned in this article by Wyze, when the battery drops below 20%, a Low Battery push notification will be sent to your Wyze app.
It should be perfectly feasible to use that notification as a trigger to switch on a Wyze plug so that charging starts. Equally important would be to have a similar notification for when the battery reaches 80 or 100% charged. This second notification could work as a trigger to switch off the Wyze plug so that charging stops and the battery is not destroyed.
This will allow outdoor cams to be used in a “plug n’ forget” way, similar to v2’s.
The next step would be to integrate this rule into IFTTT in order to create routines like “IF outdoor cam battery falls down to 20%, THEN switch on any charger or plug (outside the Wyze product family)”.

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The only problem with this is the camera would have to be constantly connected to power. Having the cam constantly connected to power while outside voids the warranty due to it no longer being waterproof.

Different people use the cameras in different ways. There are quite a few folks that have asked what happens if the outdoor cam stays plugged in.
Please move this entry to the wishlist. This is a functionality I’d like to see and I’m sure many others too.

It’s a good idea.
Let’s pretend that the rule turns on a lamp to remind us to climb a ladder and get our WOC for recharging. :grinning: