A plugged in outdoor cam

I have a outdoor wireless wyze cam set up in a high traffic area. Because of this the battery life was about two week. Because of this I just plugged the charging cable into the camera in a covered area. The issue now is it randomly disconnects I then have to go unplug it and turn the camera on and off then it reconnects.

Any ideas why this is happening while plugged in?

If you have power available just purchase a wired cam. Or you could go cheap, buy a smart plug, plug the supplied camera power adapter into that and set a schedule to charge the camera maybe for 1 hour a day, every two days or whatever keeps it charged. Or a solar panel if you could use that in the area the cam is in.

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Charging the camera battery continuously is not recommended…degrades the battery. Wyze sells a solar panel for the outdoor camera to help extend battery life. But, as @Antonius suggests, using a wired, plug-in cameras would probably be better since you seem to have power and adequate wifi coverage to that area.

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The problem is it is outside not totally exposed but under a short awning.

I didnt think about a smart plug That is a good idea.