How to turn off annoying "fully charged" notification

for outdoor cameta, recently it kept sending notifiction of fully chrged very annoying as i keep it plug in all the time

The WOC is not designed to operate continuously while plugged in. It’s designed to use battery power and be recharged. It is possible for battery damage to occur if left plugged in too long and operating it outdoors, as it’s designed to do, with the power port open risks defeating the waterproofing and voiding the warranty.
Heed your notifications and unplug your cam.


wyze v2 is not designed to be used outdoor, why does wyze not to send notification to users o tell them not to use outside?

they should really list out all the use “stuff” in new release so that we can decide not to upgrade.

bottomline, it is not wyze business whether i want to keep plugging in or not, why keep popup notifications?

The idea it to tell you that the battery is charged and that you can unplug the camera because that’s the intended use.

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