Outdoor Cam Fully Charged! - PLEASE MAKE IT STOP

lol I don’t know what caused it, but an outdoor Cam that I’ve had in place as a plugged-in cam for WEEKS suddenly started going off with that stupid notification…like every ten seconds for like an hour now.

wtf lol

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Next time you get the fully charged notification, check the “don’t show this again” checkbox in the notification before you dismiss it.


There is no such option to click on where I’m getting these notifications.

I have the option to turn off Wyze notifications altogether, but not to just silence this particular one.

Beside that, why would it suddenly start going off like this when it notified me that it was fully charged weeks ago, and was then mostly silent since then until this crazy incident today?

Edit: Found it in the app. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I’d post a screenshot, but I just clicked the don’t show again 2 hours ago and don’t know how to re-enable it.


Found it in the app. Thanks.
However, it did not stop. :confused:


Maybe it is a warranty expiring broadcast message?
Wyze says not supposed to keep WOC charging.

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If that’s the case WYZE better get a dictionary.
Fully Charged sounds nothing like Warranty Expired.

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Would you believe an undocumented feature? :lying_face:

@sbalezyw have you tried unplugging the charger and let it run down overnight?
Or keep charging battery until it swells up and gets an internal short. :battery: :electric_plug:

You seem stuck on the idea that WYZE Isn’t using a safe charge controller in their cameras. I can’t see why they wouldn’t.

You are correct. I plugged it back in, let it charge, turned it on and the notification still appears regardless of my setting:


While the pop-up stops in the Wyze app, the notification at the Android level continues. :neutral_face:

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OK…so…added on to how poorly this thing performs in the first place (for one e.g., it doesn’t even notice very obvious motion events), this is all way too much crap to deal with; especially when the product was released before it was actually even up-to-speed anyway (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read all of the threads about it.).

By the way, I’m a Wyze beta tester, and THAT is where this thing should have remained until it’s actually ready for the real world.

Thank you all for your attention on this thread, and for all of the valuable information you’ve shared here.

To be clear, I absolutely LOVE Wyze, and will continue using everything they put out,

p.s. Since I’m a past the return period (Home Depot), I will just put this thing in a box on a shelf, and maybe bring it back out and test it sometime after the bugs have been worked out.

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I have 4 WCOs. None are mounted per Wyze’s guidelines, all have > 32GB cards installed and all have been working very well. 3 have been outside on battery power since August, 1 has been continuously plugged in doing 14-day indoor scheduled recordings to a 256GB SD card until this evening. That one is now sitting outside with no mount on the deck with in the rain being molested by raccoons. :rofl:

I don’t think it’s Wyze’s intention to invalidate a warranty for 24/7 indoor corded power use… the concern is merely lack of weatherproofing when doing so outside.

I really need Cam Plus on these WCO cams badly. I assume it’s coming soon. :pray:


lol That’s awesome! :slight_smile:
Love seeing the animals.

Mine NEVER catches motion. Like, I can wave my hand past its view within about 5 feet, and it doesn’t notice. There’s no way it would ever pick up a rodent going by. lol

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Mine will trigger on a bird in flight, my tractor in the field 50 feet away, my neighbor walking into view 40 feet from my cam looking down from a 2nd story peak, day or night. I’ve thwarted two burglaries with temp mounts watching over friends’ houses while on leave and possibly saved a life when one of my WCOs triggered on a person crawling across the lawn in the middle of the night trying to get help. Other than the lack of Cam Plus (12-sec events and cooldowns suck) and continuous recording to SD, the only problems I’ve run into is occasional triggering from bats, and I can live with that. Even the sound recording on my WCOs is stellar. I know all this doesn’t make you any happier… maybe something is wrong with your cam. If mine performed as you’re reporting, I’d be asking Wyze for a replacement. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

BTW… wondering if you’re aware that these cams won’t record an event and notify if you’re live streaming or have a scheduled recording active. :thinking:


I retract my previous comment re:battery charging based on the wealth of posts. Am no longer stuck on that idea but I’m currently open for other ideas to get stuck on. Thank you @angus.black

I’m not sure you’re wrong but would like more info on the charging and protection circuits before condemning the idea of leaving the cameras plugged in.

I concur, all Wyze documentation currently available indicates it would be abuse leaving the open port for the charging cable. Moisture could enter and damage the camera. There is no evidence (from Wyze at this time) that it would damage the battery.

Continuously charging lithium batteries, if you keep them at 100% SoC (State of Charge), risks of over-charging, dendrite formation, uncontrolled disassembly, etc.

Two worst enemies are temperature and voltage (high SoC = high voltage). You can mitigate this by charging to lower termination voltages - 4.05 volts per cell, for example, will give you about 80% SoC.

If you can live with lower charge than that, do it. The lower the voltage the longer the batteries will last. In addition, disconnecting after termination, to allow the cell voltages to droop, will also help.

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While this is true a proper charge controller will turn off or lower the voltage of the charging circuit when the battery is fully charged.


Some of this is hilarious. lol
So, thanks for the comic relief, cause sometimes I just need a minute. :slight_smile:

One point I should make is that, for me, none of this was borne of me actually wanting or needing to have it plugged in all the time. It’s just the configuration I happened to choose for some reason one day while I was working with my cams, and all. I can’t even recall the specific reason I did it. It was just something that came to mind, and I went with it. Perhaps I was curious about whether it could be done, and that’s it. Sometimes the curiosity is so strong that I black out. lol j/k

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