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If you are going to remove someone’s post. Atleast tell them why it was removed and not leave thrm in rhe dark.

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It appears that you created identical topics on this forum (crossposting). Your duplicate was flagged and an admin deleted your duplicate topic per the Wyze Forum Community Guidelines. One of your topics still exists and has been responded to. Please avoid crossposting the same question as multiple topics or in multiple locations.

Doorbell v2 chime controller

Duplicate, crossposted, deleted topic:


Thanks to everyone who responded to me. I am new here and have to learn how to search.


You might be interested in a guided Tutorial of the Forum that helps you learn all the features.

The Forum has a highly skilled Bot named DiscoBot. It will guide you through a tour of the forum features in both a Basic Tutorial and an Advanced Tutorial.

If you want to start the Tutorial, just click on this link :point_right: @discobot and then click “Message”, that is a Private Direct Message to the Bot. Send the message “Start tutorial” to begin the basic tutorial and after you finish that use, “Start advanced tutorial” for the advanced tutorial. You will get a snazzy certificate and a badge at the end.

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