OTP with support for nearly an hour about something simple

Made my first Wyze order this month. The website didn’t make it blindingly clear that the Doorbell V2 is wired – only realized that when it arrived.

Went to the website to return it as I’m still within the 30-day window. It wouldn’t let me even start a return for the order, said the order didn’t qualify.

Now I’ve been OTP with a support person who seems to need to confer with the entire company about a simple return. She keeps putting me on hold while she “gets more information”. Is this a strategy to make me give up? Can’t understand what she would need to research for so long.

We were planning to kit up two complete houses with Wyze automation gear… but I’m starting to rethink that plan.

Looks clear to me. But I usually do some research on items I purchase.
It also say nothing about being battery powered.

Support person did finally conclude that I was within the 30 days and said that I should watch out for an email with return instructions. She said that she marked the request urgent so that I would receive the return information within the 30 day window. I said that I figured that since I made today’s call within the window, any further delays on the part of Wyze wouldn’t count against me. She wasn’t prepared to confirm that assumption… I had the impression that she was doing her best, but that she had to be very careful about any promises she made to me. Let’s see what happens with the next steps of the process.

It’s in the first sentence of the description on the product page:

Answer your door from anywhere with our clearest and most capable wired video doorbell yet.

It’s also visible in that second image that @Antonius included.


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You are more observant and probably smarter than me, but I did say “blindingly obvious”. I was making a big order of a lot of items and missed this one, since I’d been tasked with researching a number of rules-based automation requirements (stuff like whether “if a sensor is left open for three minutes, can I reset the thermostat”). I needed this one to be obvious, like putting the word “wired” right in front me of in the main product description – and also in the line item of my purchase confirmation. Something like “Wyze Video Doorbell v2 (wired)”.

The main point here is that it took nearly an hour to enable a return that was supposed to be something I could do on my own via the website. She couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t permitted to make the return, and neither can I. A more customer-friendly company would empower a rep to look into something like this for 5 minutes, and then say, “Hey, I can’t see why your return wasn’t permitted, so I’m going to file it for you”, rather than needing all the time before they make a move.

Just saw Crease’s response. Oy, there are few things quite as embarrassing as acting like an idiot in public. You’re right, that’s pretty obvious. I still missed it, but that’s clearly my bad.

Still waiting to see how Wyze customer service pans out though.

Don’t beat yourself up over it. It happens, especially when it’s just one detail of a larger project, like you mentioned. I can also see your point about how they explicitly include “wired” in the original Wyze Video Doorbell (Wired).

I’ve done my fair share of ranting here on the Forum about Wyze’s muddled messaging when it comes to certain things, and that includes e-mail exchanges with Support. I’m glad you persisted and got someone to listen to you, though, and I hope that you’re able to get a speedy return without too much more pain.

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Amazon returns are super easy.