Possible use of WYZE camera for school bus monitor

I have a friend who was just awarded the school bus contract for a district. I have some WYZE camera’s installed at my home and am wondering if it would be possible to use the ones with the sd card in a stand alone environment?
Any ideas?

It might be wise to have your friend check with the school district first. Some school districts have rules on not allowing videoing of students with personal cameras. Also, many school districts have district security cameras on buses.

@K6CCC does this in his vehicle with Wired Wyze cameras. I know he uses them to face forward as a dash cam as is seen in this example:

But I believe he also has one watching himself. Either way, I tagged him so he can potentially give some pointers if your friends attempts to do this instead of using a dashcam.

If I understand the original post, the request is for the district videos for the busses. If that is the case, I would not even consider Wyze cameras. You want something wired into whatever recorder is to be used. These would need to be 100% reliable.

With that said, yes, I have used various Wyze cameras as a dash and also driver cam in my pickup for years. Currently I have a V3 Pro pointed forward as a typical dash cam, and a V2 pointed at the driver. I also have a V3 pointed rearward from the back of the shell. All are recording continuously to 256GB uSD cards. All are powered 24 x 7 from my aux battery.

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