V3 vs V3Pro comparison TC video

Last night driving home, there was a three car traffic collision in the next lane over almost in front of me. Currently I have a V3 and a V3Pro mounted side by side as dashcams. They are mounted to the top of the windshield just to the passenger’s side of the rear view mirror. The both captured the collision quite well. The V3Pro clearly shows more details - as expected. The first one is the Pro:


Typical California day :rofl: V3 Pro video is much better than the V3. I’ll keep my Pro attached to the house though since I already have two dash cams.


K6CCC, glad you were behind and to the left of the red Carolla. Thanks for sharing the resolution comparision.

Me too. That was plenty close enough! BTW, the background audio was a ham radio conversation I was having at the time…


Someone as driving a little distracted (not you). Glad you were not caught up in that mess. That red car could have easily swerved right into you.

Yes, could have easily spread into my lane. There was one small piece of debris that came into my lane - oddly it came off the front of the middle car prior to the middle car being pushed into the front car. I did not notice it at the time, but spotted it when I watched the video. Had one of the cars come left, I would have been trapped because of the white SUV that you can see passing me to my left was almost right beside me at the time of the collision. You can’t really tell in this video, but I realized the TC was going to happen well before the rear driver, and I was slowing down - but there was no where for me to go except straight ahead.


Thanks for sharing. Cool seeing the comparison.

@K6CCC – You are the expert at using Wyze Cams as dash cams – What happens if you have a cataclysmic collision, where power is removed from the camera? Wyze cams only save to the SD card once a minute, so maybe the last minute would be missing?


It would take a pretty serious collision to kill power, but you are right about writing once a minute.

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wow amazing video glad you are okay.
how did you find out about the writing to the sd every minute? The only with power part makes sense.

It was pretty intensive for a few seconds there and could have been an issue for me if either of the cars involved had come left into my lane. You can see the white SUV in the lane to my left that passes right after the collision so I could not have moved left to avoid had I needed to.

As far as writing to the uSD card once every minute, that information has been around for a long time. The cameras save a minute of data in memory and then write that to the uSD card at the top of each minute. That is why on the uSD card you ALWAYS end up with one minute video files. This applies with both continuous recording and event only recording.,

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