Possible legal problems

I’m in contact with state attorney office regarding forced trial as it impedes the operation of the purchased equipment.


Say what? Care to give enough detail that we have a clue what you’re talking about?


It seems he or she doesn’t like that when the Wyze app is installed it forces a free trial of CamPlus?

I avoid this by rarely using the Wyze app. :wink:


“Trial” as in judicial court or cam subscription service?

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Just force close the app when it prompts the trial and it won’t apply.

I’m assuming this is talking about a “Forced Cam Plus Trial” since that is the only real “trial” I can think of that alters functionality in any way.

I’m curious how a Cam Plus trial impedes operation… Like, it gets rid of the 5 minute cool down and 12 second recording limit which the cams otherwise have? I guess the cool down could be considered a desired “feature” so you have limited notifications.

I just do what @IEatBeans suggests… When I set up a cam and it gets to the survey question that asks me what I plan to use the camera for (indoor security, outdoor security, etc) I just close the app and reopen it and everything is setup without the trial on it. I do this so I can add one of my Cam Plus Unlimited licenses on the camera.

I haven’t tried all the survey options, but I suspect if you select “something else” maybe that option doesn’t give you a trial. I know if you select indoor security it usually gives a trial of Cam Plus Pro, and most other options give the trial of Cam Plus.

Worst case scenario, if you have a 14 day trial of Cam Plus and want to get rid of it, you can just delete the camera off your account, go through setup again, and this time when it asks the question of what you plan to use the camera for, don’t answer the question. Just close the app or whatever and there will be no Cam Plus Trial. Problem solved without a bunch of lawyers and judges spending tax payer money to learn it’s easy enough to just remove yourself, doesn’t cost the user anything, will never turn into a charge (it just vanishes after the 2 weeks ends), etc.

I hope that helps get it removed as desired.

If we’re talking about a different kind of “forced trial,” please explain what kind of trial and how it impedes operation.


First time poster, bad first impression. :frowning_face:


Indeed. Recently I have noticed an uptick in first time posters Troll Bombing a topic with little to no substantive value and never posting again. One would think that anyone with the faculties to know how to contact the State Attorney’s Office (AKA the Attorney General) would also know to provide pertinent details… like which state and under which paragraph of the State Revised Code the violation occurred.

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Thanks for the reply, let me explain my position. When I purchase a product I expect it to work without jumping through a lot of hoops or to jailbreak a product for intended use. I’m not a techie or have a lot of time to figure out how something works that worked when I first bought it. I wouldn’t have filed a complaint without reading the forum to see if there was something I was missing or something that I could’ve easily fixed. I read hundreds of complaints regarding this problem. I actually spent a lot of time and took videos but couldn’t figure it out. I’m sure some of you on the current thread were the first to complain on the forum, I wish I had the expertise to fix it myself. There are many who don’t have that expertise that purchase this product, is it asking too much for a product to work as intended. This intended use of the system is for a remote location, which I’m not able to access due to the app lock out. I hope this explains my concern and dissatisfaction, not to mention Wyze not addressing the problem but to continue the apps financial game instead of removing the free trial (lockout), they know exactly what their doing.
I just want what I paid for… security.
Thanks for listening.


My Wyze products have worked as intended and are still working as intended.

When I did have questions as to how something worked or how to get it to work, I posted a specific question with details of the problem I was having onto the forum to get assistance from other users on how to fix a problem or setup my devices in the proper way.

Since this was your first post to the forum, I am guessing that in your hundreds of posts read it didn’t occur to you to post a question about your issue to get feedback from other users who may have experienced the same issue.


Very good point… let me give you a few scenarios that may legitimize my position. Let’s say I buy a car and I’m on my way to work and the car stops working and on the screen pops up, “Free trial, press to continue or cancel”. Since I didn’t want to continue I press cancel, although the cancel button doesn’t work. What should I do, to put into perspective I get an alarm code from the camera that somebody entered the location, it says free trial, press to continue or cancel. I now have a break in and I have to fill out information but cannot cancel. I have no idea what is happening other than a screen of the perpetrator With a box covering the individual asking me for a free trial. Getting back to the car, I bought the car to get me from point A to point B, that being the case wouldn’t you expect an uninterrupted drive. I understand you may know quite a bit more about the tech world, I don’t, I wish I had that experience. I purchased a camera to protect a remote location and at the time I needed it… it didn’t work. At no time should I have the intended use of a product interrupted for a solicitation regardless of it’s freeness (this may be a new word). I truly appreciate the reply and hope you see my side of the problem. Wyze knew about the complainants for some time, not sure if your blind support helps the cause. Please remember, Wyze is selling to the public that doesn’t have the experience you have, you’re probably in the top 1% to figure out these issues on your own, I’m in the 99%. I will ask your help, I would like to upload a video to the forum, how would I go about that?

Again thanks


You still have not told us what your perceived problem is. Or even what product you are talking about.
I’m with SlabSlayer - they work out of the box.

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One more thing… You mentioned to get to the forum and ask questions on how to fix an issue, this isn’t an issue… it’s a concerted effort for Wyze to make more money, it’s not for the intended use of the camera but for the intended profit of the company.

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I will upload a video to the form with the product, problems and lockout of use. Let me figure out how to upload a video and I’ll send it to you.

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I can only speculate at this point, since there has yet to be any specific details provided as to the equipment model or service applied, that by referencing a “Cam” and an “Alarm”,
you are dealing with CamPlus Pro. But it is also possible given your “Alarm” reference that you have the Home Monitoring Service which does have limited “Security Cam” integration. HMS can be purchased with a 6 month free trial, however that requires the Hub Core Kit.

  1. Come to the forum and post: "Here are the specific details of the problem I am having. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Contact Wyze Customer Support, ask them to help you solve the issue or rectify the situation, log a Support Ticket Number, and then post that within the forum thread.

Because you are new to the forum, the forum software may not have granted you video posting privileges yet until your trust level is increased with time in the forum.

For now, start with just typing the basics:

  1. What equipment? Cam model? How many?

  2. Which Service? CamPlus? CamPlus Pro? HMS?

  3. Have you configured the Detection, Recording, and Notification settings on the cam(s)?

  4. Have you contacted Customer Support? Ticket Number?

  5. Have you confirmed the premium license is assigned to the cams?


I have increased your forum status to be able to upload videos.

I would recommend reaching out to Wyze support, and if you do please give me the ticket number you receive so I can follow up on it.

Having the answers to the questions @SlabSlayer asked would also aid in helping a bit more.

I am sorry this is happening and would love to help resolve it.


Thanks much for your assistance, I’ll be traveling tomorrow and will not be able to get back with info until Friday, although I have the video available to send you.

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I have no idea what you are talking about. My Mother In law is the definition of Luddite, and she has no issues using the Wyze app and everything provided in said app.
Also, there is nothing forcing you to sign up for the free trail of CamPlus or to even use CamPlus, you are not blocked from using the app.

It sounds to me like you are looking to blame Wyze for YOUR poor research. You got what you paid for, you just didn’t do your due diligence when researching a product. And really you still haven’t completely explained your issue, we are only assuming. Not sure how to help you here. But coming on, and posting your first time with such aggression, minimal info, and threats you’ve reported this to your state attorney office…Sorry, but that’s just ridiculous behaviour


Going out on a limb here, as they say. Guessing what this individual is referring to would be the constant request/reminder/commercialization of using the Cam Plus Features. Are they a nuisance, some what but not to the extreme of taking legal matters. The products function just fine dependent on the desired features. There was a time at which the Legacy Feature of the 12sec video was available from the start but that only hold up now if your purchase was before the cut off when they switched to subscription based. Currently any Cam products purchased only receive single screen shot unless you opt in for subscription plan. Its the eventual evolutionary track of companies. It surprises me that others are surprised when this occurs. Any company requires revenue to keep producing. To continue offering Free services is not sustainable cause the company would close and then the products are worthless. If you’d like cause seems you do your do diligence, then please take a look at other products. I’m not going to name names however there are other products on market that would make you eyes pop out out from the service requirements to just be able to use they’re Cams. Which would be silly because it would defeat the purpose since you need your eyes to view the footage. Moving on, speaking for myself, I believe Wyze offers great value on all fronts in comparison to other companies. With the fore mentioned in mind in regards to that legality thing, good luck.

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You bring up some good points and I appreciate your respectful reply. Where I’m coming from is that my camera is not able to playback unless I opt in for a free trial. In this day and age of giving out information on the internet and all the Internet scams, I’m hesitant at pressing a button for a free trial. As far as the company making money as others do, well, I purchased the camera, I purchased the SD card for playback recordings not to mention going into settings and saying no to notifications. This is no different than buying a TV, can you imagine every time you turn on the TV pops a solicitation and if you don’t press yes to a free trial your TV doesn’t work. Why is it acceptable for Wyze to do this when a TV manufacture would be admonished for such an act. This is no different than any consumer purchase, If they can’t make the money on selling of the product they should increase the price of the product. As far as the legal, this complaint was submitted to the Florida attorney general office. When I buy a product, I just want the product to work as intended, not jump through several hoops as asked by the Wyze company. All the information I will give out was done at the time of purchase, Some people in the forum seem to think I should jump through these hoops to eliminate the free trial solicitations, why should I. This is not a defect where a tech should get involved, this is an effort for Wyze to make more money, my camera was working fine until an update, that update was to install the free trial into the app. The property this camera is allegedly protecting is in Ohio and the camera is my security…All I want is the camera to work as intended. Btw, I’m not the only one upset with this, Wyze should address this soon.