Possible legal problems

As stated before, this free trial popup is only when you first setup the cam, and once you force close the app to get rid of it, it will never come back. There are other Cam Plus ads in the app, but so is there for every other app ever.

Since yours came after an update, it’s probably when they first started doing this. Once you dismiss it, it won’t come back and won’t have an effect on your use of the product.

It will not dismiss, it makes the app unusable.


The product does not work at all without an account and app. It never has. And they’ve chosen to burden their app with upselling. It’s unremarkable and hardly litigious. You can’t just take a “cloud” camera out of the box and start using it offline. I’m naive enough to be surprised you bothered a state official about this. It’s like complaining your cable channels have TV commercials.

Have you purchased a new TV in the last 5 to 10 years? The vast majority encourage signups, are laden with ads in the main interface and, if one is foolish enough to enable Internet, they change endlessly.

Edit: I completely agree the forced trial is a scammy move, however.


I have NEVER heard of this happening, or had this issue myself. I got the CamPlus popup once, closed it and never had an issue since. Have you reached out to support?

This is a video of the issue, There are hundreds of complaints regarding this. The camera stopped working and I did a reset which did an update. Hasn’t worked since, others on the forum suggested a way to get around it, that’s not the point. I shouldn’t have to get around anything when I buy a product. Try a reset and update.

(Attachment Video.MOV is missing)

I have the app and account

Posts 4 and 5 describe how to circumvent the issue after experiencing it once when initially activating the camera – (or whenever resetting the camera from scratch for a new environment).

It’s a simple (and common) up-sell trial period tactic for a feature that many find useful.

Take it or leave it…, and get over it already.


I get what you’re saying but when you said you’re not figuring it out and that you are not a techie. That right away indicates that technology is not for you. Sorry, but you do have to jump through hoops. If you’ve contacted the AG, let’s see the evidence.
Also, it is against the law to say you have contacted enforcement authorities when you haven’t. What state are you in? Can you at least tell us that? If the product is not working out for you, send it back.

With all due respect, no where does it imply I have to jump through hoops to buy this product. I live in Fl and complaint was sent to the Florida AG’s office as I explained in previous posts, (I assume your work with the company wanting the State). It worked fine for 8 months, then the update. As to the proof… there are numerous post on the forum regarding this. I tried sending a video to the forum, but wouldn’t accept due to the size, I tried to reduce the video but couldn’t get under the minimum threshold. That being said, I’ll await your reply and leave the forum, thanks for your concern.

It just seemed heavy handed but your explanation was clear. Good luck with your endeavors.

Thanks for the respectful reply.

To assist you with this if you still want to share a visual aid, you may want to look into some file share website or even upload it to a YouTube account and share the link here in the forums. Just some ideas to help… :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

I took the advice offered on the forum of contacting customer service, so I did. I was disconnected twice from the live chat. I spent 44 minutes chatting with 3 people who tried to help, but it came down to what I’ve been talking about, you must sign up for the free trial or not use the event log. I believe 90% of the forum is presently on one of the subscriptions thus don’t have to sign up for the free trial, the other 10% throw the camera in the drawer or complain as I am. This doesn’t have anything to do with money or time, it has to do with being told I have to sign up for something after the fact… that I don’t want. (Although I’d like to have that 44 min back). It has to do with all the information given on line every time you log in. It has to do with the 100’s you junk emails, messages and phone calls we all get every day. Let’s all look in the mirror… doesn’t it irritate you. Again, if I bought something to help with security it should work without strings attached.
I have the transcripts of what I went through with customer service yesterday if you would like them. Btw… I ended the chat with I’d like to send back, they sent a link but I have to pay to return cameras.

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You need to add a section of the pie that shows people content without having the subscription plan and have been content to use the cams. Maybe you should take a poll?

I am more worried about food prices rising, morality declining and the Great Reset occurring.

I currently have no issues with the cams. You tend to get what you pay for. Forums are useful to vent frustrations and find possible solutions.

Enjoy life. Complaining is healthy in moderation.


Are you freaking kidding me? Don’t you have anything else important to do? Everyone gives free trials. Lay off!

The point is, if you don’t sign up for it you’re camera doesn’t work. Once you do an update to the camera and or app the event log stops working until you sign up. Try putting the same spin on the purchase of your car, you’re driving along and a pop-up window comes up and said your car will not work anymore unless you sign up for a free trial. I don’t want a free trial, I just want the camera to work as warranted upon purchase. Is that asking too much?

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Can you submit an event log? Logs don’t stop, period. No reason to do that.

I think the ads will reduce tho. :slight_smile:

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This is from yesterday, the event log works, but you can’t play the event. 2nd pic is when you try and play the pop up comes up and won’t allow playback. The learn more button takes you to a sign up window and the signup window takes you to a info to sign up window… at that point you can’t do anything other than quit the app.


That’s got to be an abnormal bug.
Do you have Android or iOS?
If Android 12 or higher, if you have gesture controls on, I wonder if you can swipe from the left or right to do the “go back” gesture to have that pop-up disappear.

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