Playback skipping

If it happens again I will. It’s already recorded over by now.

Hello I just had this same issue…we bought the Cam Pan and we were testing it to see where we would mount it…while watching the playback with my husband we wanted to see the night vision but that whole section 1-2 minutes is gone and the the time/date stamp jumped from the current date and time to 1969-12-31. 19:00:00 which it obviously was not I have attached the screenshots so you can see…I am using Samsung Evo HD video SD Cards the camera has been updated to the latest firmware as well…


Here is the first image with the proper time stamp…sorry it would only let me post on pic per post image

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In setting, you can sync time.

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Time was synced…you can see in the other pic where the frames are missing…had the the right time and date…then 2 mins of video playback disappeared and the the date and time stamp jumped to the the 1969…and minute later it jumped back to the normal time and date and has been fine for the last hour…it was a glitch of some sort…the problem is that the precise thing I wanted to see in the playback is the one thing that was missing…

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Thank you!

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I am getting issue too. I don’t have any SD cards. Just using cloud record. When viewing recorded events, the playback jumps a few seconds.

This happens with 100% of my cloud videos… Always has…yet…for some reason I’m still paying for this cloud service…

If I DOWNLOAD the video…there is no skip (see attachment) but in the cloud playback of this video…I NEVER even see the cat walking by, even though it was “AI tagged”

If there is something useful to see, I end up missing it every time… because the cloud video starts right at motion detection, and then skips … So I miss this important event.

What is your Motion Detection sensitivity set at? I have my v3 cameras set to 90 and it seems to catch a second or 2 before the motion comes into view.

They are all different, but that really isn’t the point. The point is that the cloud playback is buggy. It ALWAYS misses second 2-4 and then almost always misses a few seconds later as well.

@wyzeAnybody :rage:
This has plagued me since getting this thing. This is what all my my cloud playback looks like from several of my newer cameras… I’ve invested a lot in Wyze products over the years…too much to start replacing cameras and devices… So I just continue to put up with these issues

Adding url because none of the wyze support tools let you upload a video.

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That video you posted above from December of 2023 looks like ALL my V3 and V3Pro Cam+ events. That stuttering you posted from 2/12/2024 looks different.
If you look on the February 2024 Fix-it Friday thread, they are working on this problem (hopefully). I have Cam+ Unlimited too, and it allows me to do 4x playback so that helps.
One Question:
Do you have “Record Sound” turned OFF under advanced settings on your V3/V3 Pro cameras by chance? If I turn it on, the playback is smooth as silk, but some state laws prohibit conversation recording without consent.

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The first video doesn’t even count, because it is a download from the cloud. The downloaded videos don’t skip, just when playing back from the cloud. Audio recording is turned on.

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Yours may be a different problem, so sorry about that.

About half way down in this thread there is a post by “Known1” showing a video of his phone playing a stuttering event from Cam+ on an Android phone:

This is the stuttering playback I get when record sound is off under advanced settings.

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