Playback does not work from the event view

As a retired engineer and having spent 40 years in the electronics business I can tell you engineering’s creed is - never acknowledge issues until you have a fix. And even then it’s a management decision whether to tell customers. My guess: this is a hardware problem since it should be a relatively easy FW fix, and some V3s work while others don’t, regardless of FW revision. I think they “know why” but we’ll probably never know. I’m sending mine back.

I say the post titled , “Fix It Friday” is quite a misnomer…

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I’m beginning to think it’s not even a specific production batch that have these problems. I thinking it is recently activated cameras have this problem. This may coincide the time when Wyze started making changes to their backend system for Cam Plus Lite, Cam Plus, Cam Plus Unlimited which points toward the following mentioned here:

iOS App - 2.49.2 (2) (February 7, 2024)

  • Optimized backend metrics

Wyze Web Portal - 2.4.7 (February 7, 2024)

  • Optimized the experience for customers with many devices

Having said that @ssummerlin did mention his friend was able to get his working when he returned his V3 camera and got another one at Amazon.


How do you send it back? Two I bought from Amazon are to late to return.

I have one v3 camera put in service January 2022. Fall of 2022 a v3 firmware update introduced jittery event video clips. Went on for 3 or 4 months. Finally another firmware update fixed the jittery video and to this day the event video is smooth on that same v3 camera. It is still possible the Micro SD card not found error might be able to be fixed in firmware.

“was able to get his working when he returned his V3 camera and got another one at Amazon.”. Exactly!

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Jdegugl1, I avoid use of Amazon whenever possible; zero customer service. So, I bought directly from Wyze 2 weeks ago. Return was a breeze. May buy again if I see evidence this issue is fixed.

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Whatever works. :grinning:

I am having same issue with two V3 cameras I bought a few months ago.

I have noticed that the mac addresses for all 5 of my cam v3 cameras have the same prefix. DO3F27XXXXXX. Can everyone check theirs to see if it is the same?

My V3s match.

I have had them for quite some time.

Everything works fine as of this moment.


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Most of my v3 cameras are from December 2022. All MAC addresses are DO3F278AXXXX (with varying last four characters). All have a working Events Playback button except one v3.

Same for me. My March 2024 V3 is the only problem child.

Of course, each major manufacturer is given a block of reserved MAC addresses and the prefix(es) is/are unique to that manufacturer.

Good point, I didn’t consider that. I checked a few other cameras and they all had the same prefix.

I still think a bug was introduced in the Wyze Apps released on November 15, 2023 because of this release note:

“Optimized in-app purchase flow”

I believe a bug in the coding does not recognize an SD card is installed on a newly setup camera.

I am Tagging @WyzeJasonJ with the hope Jason can have the Wyze engineering team look into this…

My V2 cams begin with 2CAA.

V3 Activated dates:
02/02/22 fw:
01/25/22 same fw
11/04/23 same fw

I installed when I received them from Amazon.

There are websites that look up MAC addresses and return the name of the manufacturer. Here’s one:

In our case, it’s easier to look in the Wyze app.

It applies for all not just Wyze. I use it when I see a UFO in my router’s client list.