Playback being finicky v3

This is my first Wyze cam. I set it up a few days ago, and until today, playback worked fine. Now it’s only somewhat working when accessed via an alert clip… Alerts > select clip > click Playback at bottom. Then it’ll show event markers that I can arrow forward or back to… most of the time. Sometimes it’ll show the event markers, but when I arrow forward or back, to one of those markers, there’s then “no video at the selected time”. A few times it’s not shown any markers at all.

Any suggestions?

Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @nuts4goats !

Some things that have caused SD card dropouts in the past are:

  • Bad SD card
  • Overtemp situation (not very common in winter)
  • Bad firmware (do you hear the camera rebooting a lot?)
  • Using a larger than 32 GB card without the newest firmware, that now reliably reads larger sizes

What firmware are you running, and what SD card size do you have? Do you have another SD card to try?

It started working correctly again last night, without anything done to the camera or phone.

The SD card is a 32 GB Samsung EVO, with RTSP flashed less than a week ago. I haven’t heard the camera reboot beyond once at setup, and it’s temporarily been in the livingroom, so I would think I’d hear it if it were. Overtemp is guaranteed not an issue. I don’t currently have an extra card. I’ll order a 128 GB card either way. Would the SanDisk High Endurance be a good choice?

I wouldn’t use anything larger than 32 GB on a RTSP build. It is based on an old version of firmware that did not have the exFAT format code.

That’s certainly a consideration. I’m not sure I’ll be sticking with RTSP. I went that route because I want to have the SD card event footage recorded on the desktop, and I’m having a heck of a time figuring out how to implement that. It’s streaming to VLC perfectly, but beyond that, I’m currently stumped. I’ve got the one v3 cam for now, with the goal being probably 5, once I figure out how to have them do what I need (without an extra $15/cam/year expenditure).

If you want some clues, here is something to look over (warning, a LONG read if you read it all!)