PET Detection missing under floodlight setting

Anyone know why PET is missing from Smart Detections in the Floodlight Settings??? I use this floodlight pro camera for wildlife videos and need the light to come on at night. I cannot set it to ALL Motion because we have too many moths that will keep setting it off. I tried setting a RULE but there was not an option to have the floodlight turn off after a set time and the light would just stay on after the first animal came by.

Camera - New floodlight pro - App used on Iphone

See below for setting and where it is missing------

  1. Navigate to the floodlight’s settings > Floodlight Settings.
  2. Under Brightness Level, adjust the slider bar to High.
  3. Under Activate when camera detects, tap Motion.
  4. Confirm Motion is toggled on.
  5. Make sure the preferred motion type (All Motion or Smart Detections) is selected.
    * Note: If Smart Detections is enabled, be sure Person and Vehicle are also selected.
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I believe the pet setting was not added because those settings are local AI detections and adding pet would take away from the available resources dedicated to person and Vehicle, making those detections not as good/accurate as they could be.

I agree that Wyze needs to add the rule for having the floodlight turn off after a set time. Someone just posted about that in the wishlist today, so hopefully Wyze gets that fixed soon.

In the meantime there are workarounds that are possible. For example, if you have a Wyze plug of any kind, you can have it do the following:
When the Floodlight detects a pet → Have the Wyze app Turn on the Wyze Plug for x amount of time → then have a rule that says when the plug turns on, Turn on the Floodlight, and another rule that says when the plug turns off, turn off the floodlight.

Now with these above rules setup, thanks to a Wyze plug, you can have it do exactly what you are asking for: When the floodlight cam detects a pet, the floodlights will turn on, and then after a few minutes, it will turn itself back off. :+1:

Hopefully Wyze will soon add the rule to make it so the plug workaround is not needed, but if you don’t want to wait, you can use the plug workaround. The above will also work with a Wyze Bulb, or V3 Spotlight, or V3Pro spotlight, and a few other things, but a plug is nice because there is no light going on and off.


Oh wow, thank you for taking the time to write out that work around for me! Much appreciated. I guess I will be buying a plug so that I can have that floodlight work at night for “pets” and then turn off. Hopefully Wyze will just add what I stated above but until then! Thanks!


If you are looking for an immediate workaround and use Alexa, I have implemented the following Routine to turn the floodlight back off. I don’t use the Pet Detected trigger, but I do use my other Wyze Cams detecting Vehicles and People to turn on the floodlights of the WFLPro.

My floodlights are set for a 3 minute off when it detects a person or vehicle. My other cams use rules to turn the floodlight on. I have an Alexa Routine that triggers when the floodlight is turned on. The first action is a Wait 5 minutes command, then a Turn Floodlight Off command. So, Alexa turns them off automatically after 5 minutes.

I don’t use my floodlight as a manually switched light. That is to say I don’t ever leave it on for an extended period. This Alexa Routine would be an issue if you did as you would have to disable the routine if you wanted it on for longer than 5 minutes. If that is the case, the plug would be a much better solution.

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That’s a great solution. Alexa is Free too, so even if a person doesn’t have any Alexa devices, a person can just download the app on their phone and add their Wyze account skill to Alexa and it will work to set up the routine like you said: Have the Wyze app turn on the floodlight when it detects a pet, then set it up in the Alexa app for when the floodlight turns on → wait 5 minutes then turn off the floodlight. Great solution. :+1:

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My WFLPro in the backyard will never see a Vehicle.

Hopefully the WFLPro firmware can be updated to allow the end user to select “Pet” and deselect “Vehicle” if memory is an issue on the camera preventing more than two AI Detections to be active at any given time.

I need “Pet” to be my main AI Trigger for my use case.