Motion and smart detection

For floodlight pro, event recording page, not able to select both smart and motion. So I leave motion selected, then on in smart detection page select pet and person. The device notifications section shows pet, person and other motion checked. So I think I’m detecting both smart and motion, maybe? I know motion works as have had a couple of events. No smart events yet.

I assumed since they don’t let you select both motion and smart that it’s either one or the other. However they don’t grey out the options in the smart detection page and the notifications page shows both.

Anyone know if you can have both?

In my opinion I don’t know why you shouldn’t have the option of both.

I’m trying to trigger on deer and dogs, wyze support says deer are not a pet, so hoping motion will detect them.

As FYI the camera does detect some deer, not consistent, emailed support.


Yeah, it’s only one or the other. Sometimes I’ve noticed that when mine is set to just motion (because the AI is still dumb and misses things), it will tag the videos but most of the time it doesn’t. It really doesn’t suck though because I don’t want to miss detections yet don’t want a ton of recordings that I have to actually watch because motion recordings don’t always tag them.

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The only reason to select “Smart Detection Events” in the Event Recording section is if you do NOT want to see or be notified of untagged motion events and only care about the Smart AI tagged events.

I leave mine on All Motion Events also so that it uploads everything. Then, I turn off the notifications for Other Motion Events so I am not getting blasted by “Complete Motion” notifications 24\7. I also use the Event Filters to hide untagged Motion Events. I like to have them there if I need to go look at them, but If I had selected “Smart AI Events” in Event Recording, they wouldn’t be there when I needed them.

I will say that the Floodlight Pro’s onboard AI has been absolutely spot on for me. It is very fast to activate the floodlights and hasn’t been wrong yet except for lacking the Excluded DZ Overlap feature the V3 cams have. I have it set for Person and Pet.

Thanks for the replies, very helpful.

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