Floodlight V2 detection help

Alright Wyze Wizzards, I need your help.

Installed my new Floodlight V2. First set the event recordings for camera to motion, smart detection event. However, it never picked up on animals during the night, which I would think with pet selected it would. I had 2 huge racoons in my yard and it didn’t pick them up under events. So, I switched it to motion and of course it was almost continous clips during the day with birds, a garden flag blowing, ect.

The only thing I knew to do was to set a rule from sunset to sunrise where to turn on motion detection. However during the day, while I do have an SD card and it’s set to continious recording, so should a person walk through my yard, I don’t have any notification becuse the motion detetction is off.

Is there a way to set it to person detection only during the day and all motion at night?

Also, last night I had a large racoon, opoussum, skunk and coyote in my yard that the camera picked up as motion but did not tag as a pet. However, the evening before my neighbor was out walking her dog and it did detect the dog as a pet. The coyote was bigger than the dog so not sure why the pet detection didn’t kick in.