Floodlight Pro no longer recording Smart Detection Events as of 12/28/23

As of 12/28/23 my Floodlight Pro, with Cam Plus, is no longer recording any Smart Detection Events. Firmware and app are up to date and I have performed troubleshooting per this troubleshooting article, with no luck.

However, in Event Recording, when I select “All Motion Events”, which automatically unselects “Smart Detection Events”, it starts recording “motion” events (not Smart Detection Events). When I switch this setting back to “Smart Detection Events”, the issue continues and it does not record Smart Detection Events or any other motion events.

I have two other Floodlight Pros with the same settings as shown below, which are only recording Smart Detection Events, with no issues.

App Info:
v2.48.0 (379)

Device Info:
Activation Date 11/16/2023
Plugin Version

My settings which worked fine for over a month, until 12/28/23:

Detection - 100/High
Detection Zone - Off
Record Motion Events - Enabled
All Motion Events - NOT selected
Smart Detection Events - Selected
Smart Detections - Person, Pet, Vehicle, & Package selected

If you followed that entire support article including all the way through power cycling the device and factory resetting the device and setting it back up and it’s still not working for you, I would suggest contacting support. I have six of these flood light pros and a little while ago I did have a couple stop doing detections, but all I needed to do was power cycle them and the detections all started working again. All of mine are now doing detections.

If you haven’t tried restarting the flood light, or doing a factory reset as stated in that support article, I would really try that, because that is what resolved the detection suspension for me. If that didn’t work I would try clearing the cache from the app, then loading the app back up and try toggling the detections back on again. Then walk in front of it and see if it detects you as a person. If it’s still not working I would definitely call support. They may ask you to do some of those same troubleshooting steps again because it’s something that they have to do to be able to verify that you indeed did all those things and they can vouch for you that it didn’t resolve the issue, so just be patient and do them again anyway if they ask. But worst case scenario, you should still be qualified under the warranty since these haven’t been out for more than a year.


Thank you @carverofchoice. Power cycle fixed this issue. Obviously, lied - I skipped step 8 for the power cycle, thinking if I factory reset it and set it up again, that would be better and have more likelihood of solving this particular issue than power cycling. Goes to show that most issues can be solved by just turning something off and back on :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:


That’s GREAT!

Your logic was not entirely misplaced since a factory reset should also make the device reboot. I totally understand skipping the step. But since I experienced something similar I wanted to mention that is all it took to resolve it for me and hoped it would be sufficient for you too. :slight_smile: I’m glad you didn’t need to do more. You are 3rd or 4th person I know of who experienced this. The others of us noticed detections stopped on a couple of FLPros on December 6th around 3:30pm PST. But it only happened to a couple of my FLPros, not all of them, so that was weird. Thankfully, they only required restarting them to start doing detections as normal.

Just to clarify, are you absolutely sure that your detections stopped on 12/28/23 and not earlier than that? Do you see AI detections from the 27th or earlier still? Or is it possible you just didn’t notice until the 28th?


Yes - I went back as far as it would let me go, 12/22/23, and verified that I was getting smart detections and then they stopped on 12/28/23, with the last recorded event being at 5:35pm EST.

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Interesting. Thanks for verifying. That indicates it might have happened at least twice. :thinking:

I’ve been keeping an eye out for reports like this to see if there is any common cause/pattern. It seems fairly rare right now, like it only affected 2 of my 6 Floodlight Pros when it happened to me.

Anyway, I’m glad you’re up and working and appreciate your follow-up and checking. :+1:

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Just saw Wyze is releasing an update that might fix this “event tagging bug”:

It’s possible it’s related to this. I know I did report this to Wyze back in mid-December, so maybe they figured it out and got a fix in. :+1:


It is very possible that it first happened in the beginning of December, like you, and I didn’t notice. During that time, I was adding more FLPros (I have 3 now) and I’m sure I flipped the circuit breaker to FLPro in question when trying to find the right circuit for the others I was installing, which would have power cycled it and fixed the issue temporarily.

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Hmm… interesting, indeed. Thanks for sharing and thanks again for helping!

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New to forum. Thought I mention my situation here which is similar. I finally activated the floodlight pro a month ago and ran into same issues about no detection in AI Smart detection (if I put all motion detection, it detects). I had the latest firmware I powered cycled. I did factory reset. I submitted log. I emailed support. It didnt work. So I tried again those steps and somehow it worked^^. Nice.

But just yesterday it stopped detecting. I power cycled (waited a couple minutes before turning it on). Didnt work. I submitted log. Called this time. Now waiting for them to email me. So I think there is some ‘bug’ that is causing this again.

Also note that this floodlight pro, when put in smart detection mode, misses detections (person, vehicle). I have a V3 cam pointing to a similar area and the V3 detects. To resolve this, I set floodlight pro to record continuously in the event V3 detects something, I can use that to reference the timestamp and look at the floodlight pro feed. (yes, not ideal but trying to make it work).

Will be patient with Wyze and see if this has a good resolution in terms of the smart detection issue for this unit., or as one indicated, it is still under warranty.

(update - 2hrs later). I decided to just factory reset again. And now the smart detection is working again. I’m feeling this should not be a monthly routine^^ I’ll see what Wyze support will suggest when they reach out to me.

My experience with smart detection is that it’s changing; most days it works then out of nowhere one day it misses badly. It’s the same scene, same time and same lighting conditions. It leads me to believe that Wyze is tuning the algorythm somewhat. Did the programming team change abruptly?

Mine which I bought a month or so ago and is running up to date firmware completely missed me mowing the yard today.
Both my old ring doorbell and my Wyze V3 and V4 had events for me mowing the yard.
Detection certainly quit working all of a sudden on it sometime during the previous night.

After rebooting the device, it of course is working normally again.
I did not capture a log as I could live view the camera with no issues.
Detection level is set to 50 for all devices.