Person detection tied to email I want to change

If I change my email address by the only method available (that is, sign out and reset all of my equipment), will I lose my grandfathered person detection owing to the fact that it’s probably tied to my current email address?

Yes, if you create a new Wyze account, you will lose Person Detection. But there may be an alternative to switch your email.

Technically the Person Detection should be tied to your particular Wyze account, not the email itself. This technicality matters because you should be able to keep your current same Wyze account and ask that the email be updated to a different email address. Then you will be using the new email and still have Person Detection with the same Wyze Account and everything the same.

It doesn’t appear that you can easily change the email address itself (I logged into the website, clicked on my account and edit account information and it only gave me access to change my name, but not my email), so you might have to go through Customer Support to see if they can/will do that for you:

By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online:

Otherwise, perhaps they can transfer the service over for you or something. Who knows, they can better tell you your options. Good luck!

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You can change your email address from within the app now. This may be just beta so far, not sure. I have v2.16.14
Check under Account > Account > Email

DON’T DO IT until you have confirmation, in writing, from Wyze that you won’t lose PD.


Well, thanks for that. Allergic to phone for service of course so hopefully some other way.

Phone won’t do. I would want it in writing. Too many contradictory answers from Wyze customer support.

It is. I believe it’s coming to production soon.

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Depending on the circumstances another possible option is to simply keep using the old address as the account userid even though you don’t want Wyze to use it to contact you. This would make sense if, for example, you lost control of the original mailbox but were quite sure it would never be assigned to anyone else. Not great long term but something that might get you by for a while.

Change your email app upgrade just launched today:


Thanks to all for your responses. Very much appreciated.

And we have a winner and the only real solution => app upgrade.

Kind of a very pleasant coincidence.



I have asked @WyzeGwendolyn to confirm that changing your email won’t impact Person Detection. I would wait for a response.

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Good thinking.

Thank you.

The precaution can’t hurt, but as a database engineer and intermediate programmer, I can’t see any rational way a person could lose that person detection service with this. We are keeping the exact same account and our devices and service subscriptions aren’t moving or changing in anyway. We don’t have to re-setup anything, when we subscribe to a service it is attached to the account itself (which has it’s own primary key in the database), and everything else attaches that, including your email, services, devices, etc are all linked to the account primary key, not another variable. Wyze simply finally updated the database table involving our profile to allow the email field to be swapped. The only thing we really don’t know is if they updated the table to track a history of all previous emails, or if they are overwriting it entirely to save storage space…but regardless, it would be utterly shocking for anyone with any database or any programming experience at all to screw this up. There’s no way they’d even be as advanced or stable as they are if they made this level of n00b mistakes…I’d be concerned to trust Wyze with any of my information if they were that poorly skilled with super n00b inexperience.

But it can’t hurt to have someone confirm anyway. Rather than being an accident/programming/database structure issue (extremely unlikely), I suppose someone could’ve intentionally set up an automated SQL Query or script to cancel Legacy Person detection subscription if you change your email…that would be really outrageous though…

As a database manager (I don’t consider myself an engineer) and programmer, I agree.:slightly_smiling_face:
We would have the same account ID in the database so nothing should change.

Still, we’ve seen Wyze do some weird stuff, so your suggestion isn’t unwarranted either. :slight_smile:

I’m more interested in if they answer more than what they answer.

I have been informed you WILL maintain legacy person detection if you change your email, however, I would wait to change your email for a week or so. They are doing some background work that will be done in the next few days. If you do it before that there could be a small delay in the service transferring over. Waiting a week will allow that to get finished and make the transition more seamless. Either way bottom line is you will keep it.


Thank you, Jason.