Android and iOS App 2.16.23 Released - 12/16/20

Good morning, forum friends!

App 2.16.23 is releasing for both Android and iOS! Exciting things happen with this one including MANY product integrations, the ability to change your Wyze account email address, and the ability to control app marketing messages.

Read our Release Notes:


This bug still persists:

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Thx for the update but App Player bug still there.
Wyze App still froze trying to play an event.
Android v5.0.2

Also wonzt start App if clicked on an event notification. only froze blue screen.

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Still having issues with v3 live view and the app freezing when viewing cam groups on Android 9.

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn

Can you confirm that changeing our email address is not going to have an impact on the Name Your Price Person Detection.
This topic has come up in another thread.



Found an issue on the IOS app:

Going to the monitoring tab and clicking the Learn More button at the bottom loads a webpage on top of the current screen and looks really bad. Almost impossible to notice the X in the bottom left to close this view because it blocks input to everything until you click it. See video for a demonstration of the issue.

Even though we can now change our account email, the warning I get when I try that is that I will have to assign all my devices to the new email address. Does that mean that I have to reinstall every device if I change the account email?

@Loki just told me he would look into this tomorrow.

Is this the warning that you get?

That does not mean that you have to assign devices (eg. cameras, bulbs, etc) to the new email. Those stay with your account. In this context, “devices” means phone and tablets. You will have to log in again on any phones/tablets on which you have the Wyze App installed.

If you are getting a different message, please post a screenshot here.


Thanks for the clarification. Finally being able to change the account email is a big deal for some of us.


Here are some FAQs about changing your email address:

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Does anyone know next Abdroid app release.?

Based on the Wyze history of releasing buggy software and firmware because of inadequate testing let’s hope never. I currently have my cameras working as I want them and don’t need Wyze changing that.

Mine is not running properly.

Hopefully Monday release.

Given the last version was just released 2 1/2 weeks ago I would say that’s being very optimistic. Even Wyze has to do more testing than that and with the holidays there really hasn’t been a lot of time to do much of anything.