Wyze App 2.15.51 and Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware and Released! - 12/2/20

Hi, forum folks!

Wyze app 2.15.51 is released to Android and iOS! It may take a day to show depending on the review time from the app stores. It improves the update time for Wyze Headphones.

We also released Wyze Cam Outdoor firmware and Base Station firmware to add sync time support and bug fixes!

Read our Release Notes:


I just saw an update on my phone and wondered what I missed because it says updated on November 29th.
So I came on here and here it is :smile:

I just checked and they were all already updated on my account like within a few minutes of this original post. lol Awesome speed.

Scrolling up and down in a group sometimes different cameras views turn black for couple seconds before it comes back 2.15. 21 is not doing that

Not happening in my groups, though I have a max of 5 in my camera groups. So that could make a difference. how many do you have in your groups doing it?

Same amount 5

Does it make a difference if you are viewing in portrait vs landscape mode (one allows a continuous scroll, while the other forces you to switch to a new screen)?

Just checked the app store and it’s not available yet.

wyzegwendolyn: Deleted this entry since it may be related to beta software. Sending a follow up email.

I didn’t check landscape mode, between 3 devices I have one working good with this app
on one device I am having problems with I did check and so far I don’t seem to be having the problem in landscape mode

OK , so , 2.15.51 is working OK on Android 10 not OK at all on Android 8.1 blacked out group views freezing up over and over

Accidental updated to this version. 15.51
fail to play events, just crash.
ticket number 71407

clear cache, restart not helping.
Reinstall, same issue.

also the notification icon use to be a “W”, Now is a unreadable mosquito logo.


No one has the same issue?

So we can buy these newest version outdoor cameras NOW?

Right now you have the option to pre order

Having the same issues on Android 9