"Person Detection is gone. Here's how to get it back" Email

Why did I receive the

Person Detection is gone. Here’s how to get it back

email today even though I answered the request to respond before the deadline?

I have a screen capture proving it.

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Don’t know but if you search you’ll see several people have asked the same question.

When I searched, didn’t find any results.

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Gwendolyn said it was sent out in error to some people, but that nothing needs to be done. You can verify your subscription in the subscriptions section.,

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Would have been nice if they also specifically followed up that “in error” email with one admitting as much… and confirming to those who received it in error that their selection had, in fact, been successfully registered.

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Very odd. Hope they extend the option to all users while they iron out the Person Detection. I’d like to monitor things as they progress and move up to Cam Plus once it’s ready for prime time.