Persistent notifications

Dumb question: I have notifications enabled for vehicles for cameras looking at my driveway. Whenever someone drives through the driveway, and past the view of cameras into the garage, I get vehicle event notifications. Okay so far.

But if a vehicle parks in the driveway and stays there within view, I will get persistent repeating vehicle notifications forever, as long as the vehicle is there. Is this expected behavior? Intuition suggests that only movement of a car should trigger a Cam Plus event/notification.

Happens with all my plug in V3 and V3 Pro cams. If a vehicle is parked in the field of view and a :raccoon: walks by I will get Pet/Vehicle notification. WYZE did a survey earlier this year and one of the questions was about if only tagging moving vehicles was desired. Maybe they will make it come true SOMEDAY. :upside_down_face:

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Yes. This is currently the way it is designed.

Every single motion event, regardless of what bird, bug, bat, or branch caused it, is uploaded to the AI Server and run thru the AI Bot.

Every individual still frame (20fps day, 15fps night) is looked at individually. If any one of those snapshot frames contains a “Vehicle”, a tag is applied and a notification returned.

You are getting repeated notifications because there is motion elsewhere in the FOV activating an Event upload.

The current AI Bot does not see motion. The cam sees motion, uploads frames to the Bot, and the Bot interrogates every single still object in each snapshot frame for an AI match.

I italicized current because Wyze is working on changing this. They have already implemented a basic working model in the FLP wherein AI tags will be applied when there is a moving AI object. If there is a Vehicle in frame and a branch creates motion that uploads a motion event, the Vehicle will not be tagged. But, if a Person creates the motion, because it is AI Object movement, both the Person and the stationary Vehicle are tagged since both are AI objects.

There is a current wishlist asking for Wyze to implement “AI Motion Only” tagging:

Thanks for pointing that wishlist out, I had not seen it. Just voted it.

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